Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode 4

Episode 04

Is this late? I don’t think so; it’s merely a fraction of your life out of place, and reasons for it’s upload tonight are nothing but fate. You were destined to read this tonight, like I was destined to write it.

-My Little Sister’s Rival Can’t Come to Japan!-

If you’ve been reading my Oreimo posts (in which case I apologise as they are terrible; only someone with extreme patience would sit through such garbage) then you’ll know I haven’t been too happy with this season. Constantly going on about how it’s lost it’s charm and back story getting in the way of everything. It did manage to improve some aspects this episode, thank God. I would have just given up had it not. Starting off we’re introduced to Ria, who was Kirino’s room mate back in America. She’s like 12 or something and runs way faster than Kirino. Although I think Kirino is only what, 14 or 15? What better way to start your typical rom com that has no rom in it, than an awkward naked scene between the innocent protagonist and the new character. Seriously though where the hell has the rom gone?

Thankfully, Ria loves Kyousuke. I mean she likes him. Wouldn’t want to confuse you with socially acceptable terms. It’s all pretty blatant filler and I’m unsure where Kuroneko got off to. Kyousuke’s Dad manages to make me laugh which is a start. Df;j h,. Sorry I was yawning. Kirino sure looks tall next to Ria..

AKIHABARA! As if we hadn’t already been here several times. The most positive thing I can say is that Ria is such a balance for Kirino and Kyousuke. She’s like the realistic one who actually sees and points out that Kyousuke and his sister are actually quite close. It’s always nice to see someone like this, only to have them be ignored because the siblings just can’t accept it. We all know they both want to though because they’re such cuties! I think. It’s all pretty bleak for Kyousuke from there on. Ria sneaking into eroge areas of the store by accident, Kyousuke being blamed like he is for everything that happens.

Then Oreimo saves itself and becomes the one thing I’ve been waiting for; itself. YES! That was incredibly deep and I may have shed a tear. How can you not at a time like this? In case you’d forgotten, Kirino beat Ria in a race the day before she came back to Japan. That was the day Kyousuke visited her. Ria acknowledges this, and knew straight away during her visit. It was Kyousuke. While Ria saying it made Kirino think she was talking about Akihabara, anime, all that stuff, you know it’s just Kyousuke. This is followed by the deepest foot race ever. Kirino is losing by a mile, when Kyousuke suddenly starts to cheer her on. It’s so beautiful. She’s catching up and there’s a photo finish (not literally), but Ria still won.

It’s a shame that Kirino still isn’t nice to him, but on the bright side, she asks him to be her boyfriend. Yeah I’m not even going to contemplate anything. She obviously wouldn’t ask her own brother out seriously; it’s going to be needed just to help her with something. Either to get a guy to back off, or for some sort of anime/eroge competition. Hopefully (I say this way too much) next episode will be even better.

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