Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 5

Episode 05

Oh my God I’d been waiting for this. Out of all the anime airing this season, none of it has been disappointing, but none of it has really stood out. Finally, Hataraku decides to take that next step and tries to be something nobody thought it would be.

-The Demon Lord and Hero Save Sasadzuka-

Yes, I was happy with this episode. No messing around, straight into where we were left off previously, Lucifer is somehow alive and in Tokyo even though Emi killed him back on Ente Isla. The reason being, Orba, some old priest guy who nobody particularly cares about (except maybe Emi who is in tears) saved him. The Orba guy is really weak anyway, even when he does use his magic, so if I was Emi.. I’d honestly be glad. Also, points for me for guessing the guy who “didn’t make it through the gate” would be involved in the attack on Maou and Emi. Turns out those laser shots were Lucifer using magic, although the earthquakes weren’t him.

Not forgetting this is a comedy, Ashiya and Maou just start having a domestic over Maou spending his pocket money on movies. It’s just brilliant. Oh and then Lucifer kills Ashiya. So yeah Emi and Maou start running for their lives and it’s all cray cray. Lucifer gets his magic from the despair and fear of the humans, and Maou also does, which is why he was able to turn into his original form during the earthquake. It’s great how Maou realised this and didn’t do anything about it. He’s fallen in love with Japan and wants to stay living there. I’m pretty happy about that. Obviously you can’t just run away from a demon; Maou gets injured and then Orba being the pussy ass bitch he is shoots him with an actual gun. What kind of person does that? Orba is officially the annoying one. I thought this anime wouldn’t have any but no, this old cretin comes along. Great.

Luckily, Maou has enough magic to teleport away before him and Emi are killed. Oh I completely forgot about Ashiya. He’s still with them, he’s just dead. Poor guy. Oh yeah, poor Chiho too. She’s being held captive by Lucifer so he can feed his magic off of her fear and stuff. I do like Ashiya more than Chiho though. If I had to marry one, I guess it’d-. Maou teleports them to a crowded area, using his amazing genius, he gets killed by Lucifer. THE END. Well, Lucifer drops Chiho, and Emi catches her all romantically. Totally shipping. Of course it’s inevitable that Emi will die now. But suddenly Maou comes out of nowhere looking as if he’d just gone through six years of puberty in the past minute, and saves both Emi & Chiho. How?! Oh yeah, he managed to return to his original form and heal himself using the magic he got from all the crowds of people who were scared. Nice plan.

Of course, he heals Ashiya as well. Yay! A Hataraku without Ashiya would be, like.. Hataraku but.. never mind. Emi and Lucifer start fighting, Ashiya joins in, Orba tries to but gets knocked out because he’s a daft old turd. I really like how they handled this. It’s so much better than your usual battle anime. Not pointing any fingers at C3 or anything. After Maou gently lets down the bridge and Chiho is safe, he goes after Lucifer, who is absolutely bricking it. I guess he’s only so cocky while Maou is in petty human form. Maou deals some furious damage to Lucifer but doesn’t kill him unfortunately. Two of Emi’s followers show up for a bit, pointlessly. They explain stuff to Chiho, she’s fine with it weirdly enough. It all ends good with some part time work. Next episode we’ll see Lucifer join them in daily life and it’ll probably be a carefree episode of greatness. And please, make sure Emi continues to make weird faces.


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