Karneval Episode 5

Clown’s Prescription

Karneval episode 5

Everything seems to be fitting into place, bit by bit like a puzzle piece… And actually, I think Karneval is turning out to be quite different than I imagined it to be. With Varuga found in Gareki’s home village, yet even more blood and tears are shed…

What can I say? My predictions were correct. As I sat and watched this episode, I actually began to think maybe the drugs that the doctor was giving Yotaka and Tsubame were actually tests to try and turn Varuga into humans. … And indeed, I was actually correct. And once I realised this, things seem to be fitting into place. The Varuga are a much larger problem than we even expected. What are they, where do they come from and what is their mission? For world domination? To overtake the human race?

Episode 5 of Karneval was a quick-paced episode and I couldn’t stop watching. Throughout the beginning I found myself leaning more and more off the egde of my seat in suspsense. I also think Karneval has got a much darker feel or emotion to it than I actually first expected, in a way, but either way, I’m still enjoying it lots. The main question is, is what’s going to happen now, in episode 6? Karneval is always opening up new possibilites, so you can always expect the unexpected with this anime, which is what I like.

Anyway. At the beginning of the episode, we see Yotaka fazed, after he seems to have murdered yet another man after he was under the influence of the strange drugs he was fed by Tsubaki’s boyfriend, the odd doctor. Because the family are so poor, they had to accept the drug trials as they would get money for it, however, these drugs had left a much worse impact on the twins than they had actually expected. Yogi dashes off to go after Yotaka and get the boy, and try and convince him not to fight, with Gareki also following Yogi.

What I love is that we can see a very small friendship blooming between Gareki and Nai too. Even though they are like polar opposites, they do share some similarities and ways they can relate to each other. Gareki has people who mean a lot to him, and he wants to save them and let them live happy lives. He wants to see Tsubame and Yotaka, much like Nai wants to see Karoku (who is still much of a mystery to us). Gareki urges Nai to go off and find Karoku, however, stubborn Nai decides he doesn’t want this. Nai is very clingy to Gareki but… We soon realise that as Nai spends more time with Gareki, Gareki begins to care more and more about Nai. Either way, Gareki runs off and Nai is left confused and upset by Gareki’s harsh words. I suppose maybe Nai cannot understand that whilst Gareki may have seemed harsh, he was only saying that to be nice. And I do feel a little sorry for Nai because, well, what with him being a Niji, it seems he can’t understand everything very well, yet always has rays of optimism beaming out of him all the time.

Anyway, so Yogi begins to fight Yotaka in the air using “special Circus-like powers” (I really do wonder how they manage to get these powers… How do you even get recruited into the Circus in the first place?), and Yotaka begins to transform and grow even stronger. He ends up injuring and wounding Yogi, knocking him unconscious to the ground. Oblivious to it all, Nai strolls the empty village roads and finds Tsubame sitting by a building with blood also on her hands. It seems maybe the drug’s effects are a lot weaker on her. I never understood why, although all I just presumed was because maybe they have less of an effect on a girl… Oh, who knows? I just find it strange how Yotaka and Tsubame are even twins… They’re completely different to one and other in so many ways. Anyway, a strange man stands by Tsubame. At FIRST, I thought it was Akari-sensei, however, I soon twigged that it was actually the man who was running the drug tests on the twins, and also… Tsubaki’s ex-boyfriend. Nai quickly grabs Tsubame by her bloody hand and runs for it. Despite Tsubame being a murderer, Nai can understand that Tsubame is really a good person. Which was quite sweet, actually. Nai may be a little naive, yet he can be a very… Open person, I suppose.

Back to the battle with Yogi and Yotaka, and Yogi goes to inspect Yotaka. It seems Yogi had no intention of killing Yotaka (which is, well, very typical of the lazy Yogi), but as he looks up, we notice the strange doctor holding both Tsubame and Nai. As Tsubame tries to struggle away, we all seem to have forgotten about Gareki. Yet, our mysterious bishie appears to save the day, whacking the doctor right from behind with one of the strange metal beams he found.

It is at this point we discover that the doctor was running the drug tests on numerous other children… In which the drugs turn them into Varuga. It all seemed too much to take in at once, and the fact that technically Yotaka had killed Tsubaki once he began to resonate and turn into Varuga for the first time. However, Gareki can’t accept this. Yotaka would not have wanted to kill Tsubaki, and I’m sure even Nai could understand this. It was the doctor’s fault. He could not have cared for Tsubaki as much as he said he did. He was using her, and using her children for his cruel experiments. But, why was Yotaka the only one able to turn into the Varuga? Well, it seemed that Yotaka was much like Gareki too. He may seem harsh with his words, but he does care about his twin sister. He began to take Tsubame’s portion of the drugs, and also began to take more and more just for the money he would be given, because his family was so poor.

Tears begin to shed. But what tops it all off… Is the doctor is also a Varuga. Gareki runs and tries to attack the man, but the doctor resists. He begins to beam a strange sort of ray at Yotaka. Whilst Yotaka tries to resist after hearing Tsubame’s kind words, he cannot help it any longer, as he turns more and more into a monster. Yotaka screams for help, and begs for Gareki to kill him. At this point I am sure many people are also shedding tears with Yotaka… So just as Gareki turns to kill his best friend (which, even poor Gareki, as tough as he may try and seem struggles to do), when all of a sudden, a spear from out of the sky impales Yotaka right through the chest. As Yotaka says his last good byes, he rises back into the sky, telling his sister Tsubame “Fly somewhere far away.”

But who was the one who impaled Yotaka through the chest? … Hirato.


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