Suisei no Gargantia Episode 3 & 4

The Villainous Empress

The Flute of Recollection

For once, I wish that the characters would shut up so that I can listen to the music. It’s just that good…

So Ledo annihilates all of the pirates with ease. He thought for sure that people would trust him after that, but he ends up putting them in deeper trouble, for more pirates come back looking for revenge. To prove himself to his new friends, Ledo has to disarm the oncoming pirate ships without killing anyone. Not even the wicked pirate empress in her fancy lobster mecha is a match for him! So far, Ledo appears to be invincible in battle, but when it comes to interacting with people, he has a lot to learn…

He finally learns a bit of Japanese and mingles with the people in town, where their cultural differences become all the more stark. Back in space, children go through strict training, sick and useless people are dumped, families are not needed, and all enemies must die. But here, kids run around aimlessly, sick people are kept alive, and enemy lives are spared, much to his surprise. He doesn’t really get it until he meets Amy’s brother, or rather, he’s told that humans simply need each other for love and support. When Bevel plays his instrument, it suddenly triggers a flashback of….well, not sure, but I guess Ledo had a brother who made him a flute before getting brainwashed and losing all of his happy childhood memories. There’s a soft side in him somewhere…

It’ll be interesting to see how this world (which oddly reminds me of Mario Sunshine) will change Ledo from a strict military soldier to a more flexible guy who can have fun. Even more interesting would be to see him return to space with his new way of thinking. I think he’ll have to get back somehow or perhaps the aliens will find him first. It can’t be Chamber vs. Pirates the whole time, right? That would just be too easy.


2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia Episode 3 & 4

  1. Super Mario Sunshine? I haven’t played that, but…that’s a WEIRD comparison. I’ll have to watch this sometime.

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