Hataraku Maou-Sama! Episode 6

Episode 06

After a brilliant and varied episode of Hataraku, we’re back to the usual daily antics of part time work and pretty much nothing else.

-The Demon Lord Climbs the Stairs to School-

Almost everyone was right with their predictions; Lucifer (now Urushihara), has joined them in their paradise and lavish lifestyle of minimum wage and two room homes. So to help out with the problem, he becomes a NEET. Not only is he not helping them to earn money, he’s also spending the little they do earn online. Maou is such a sweetie. I wouldn’t have given in and bought him a computer. Although gullible would be more of a word to describe him. This computer isn’t there for any old reason though, it has a purpose. A plot focussed purpose that is just so important you couldn’t dream of them leaving it out. That would be a prank call. What else do you do when you first get access to the internet? You get on Skype, and you prank call. For reference, this was how Lucifer called Emi while she was at work.

Next we find out that Miki T is so sexy it’s sickening. I think that’s what the concept was at least. Or was she ugly.. nah. Lucifer and Ashiya clearly haven’t seen anyone this beautiful and start puking and what looks like almost dying after seeing her bikini picture. It warms your heart. So Lucifer only got bought the computer because he told Maou that he could get information about magic on it. He tells them that there’s a defunct school building with a haunted classroom. Of course this turns out to be a building of the school Chiho goes to. How else would they fit her into the plot without looking desperate? I will say she seems to act a lot better towards her friends when it comes to Maou being her crush when you compared her to other anime girls. Not the typical “Ew no I totally don’t like this guy he’s just a friend” crap. Honesty is so beautiful.

Naturally, Chiho takes them to the school building because, y’know that’s how this stuff works right? In the middle of the search for the classroom, Emi shows up. Why? The show is desperate, that’s why. I’m all for making use of your characters but really? Not even a reason, she just shows up randomly. Nobody even knows how she found out. Unless she’s some sort of crazed lunatic stalker. Which she kind of is. They make good use of her anyway; she chases Maou and the others and thinks she’s cornered them, then attacks an anatomical model thinking it was Maou. It was actually hilarious. At this point the only thing I wish there was more of is moments like this.

Moving on, they reach the haunted classroom and it looks like someone had been hiding there. Nothing scary, just a dark room full of empty snack wrappers and a handheld games console. You could see this coming. The classroom isn’t haunted, it’s just where Urushihara and Orba ended up when coming through the gate, and they ended up living there. Turns out the whole thing was a fetch quest. Urushihara had left his games console there and just wanted Maou to get it for him. I would have killed him, I honestly would have. Another good episode regardless. I hope Urushihara gets a job though, it’s annoying seeing him sit at his computer all day.


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