Karneval Episode 6

Sunshine Wings

Karneval Episode 6

How they could even call this episode sunshine wings, I have no clue. It was rather, quite the opposite of a ray of sunshine. The whole episode was completely dark and dragged out again. It certainly does have that Karneval feeling to it, but I’m still not so sure that it’s turning out how I first expected it would. They’re really dragging out this whole subplot with Tsubame and Yotaka now and… Meh, well, it’s actually turned out to be a little boring in places.

Here’s the pattern of every single Karneval episode ever: Action, action, break, action, break, action, break… Yeah, it’s turning out to be like that. IT’S LIKE, there’s all so much action all in one episode and it answers MOST of your questions, but because it’s such an action-packed anime, it still has to drag out the same plot into another episode and feels like it has to explain the plot again. The episodes really don’t flow well, and I feel like it’s got a very stop-starty pace, which is what I dislike. I feel a little disappointed, especially after all the drama in last week, but oh well. It’s nearly half way through the anime so I do hope that they decide to get a move on soon.

Anyway, here’s what happened in this week’s episode, all summed up because I literally have nothing else to say other than COMPLAIN. Okay, sure, I like Tsubame. She’s a real sweet character and all, but I really don’t get why she’s decided to join Circus?! Like! IF I WERE HER AND SUDDENLY THESE STRANGE PEOPLE APPROACHED ME THEN… I’d of course be very suspicious. Whilst she may not have anyone left in her life now that Yotaka has gone, well, she has no choice. But either way, Circus are very suspicious sounding, and I’m willing to bet that there’s something going on behind the scenes too, especially with the main bishie himself Hirato. Anyway… You get the idea of all the chaos that’s going on at the moment if you haven’t been watching the anime. Which is… Good, because I don’t think many people watching Karneval even understand what’s going on too… We still have many unanswered questions.

After the capture of the strange Varuga monster who gave the drugs to Yotaka, Hirato finally kills him… Good riddance. Two other Circus members try to find evidence and tracing of how this affects human beings and etc… Yeah, some basic detective work. I’m kinda GLAD we’re getting to see more Circus members. I mean we haven’t seen many, which is a shame but… Even some minor characters would be quite nice I guess. It feels that Circus is just a wacky group of vigilante outcasts with eccentric superpowers that save the day. Hurray. No signs of anything, but it’s believed that Varuga are strange creatures created by an elitist group called the Kafka. Again… What is their motive for doing such a thing? Why do they want to create Varuga? SO VARUGA CAN TAKE OVER THE HUMAN RACE? So… So what? So they can claim world domination? Sighs.

Anyway, after that Tsubame is invited by Circus to join them, so she accepts the invitation, goes to say good bye to her grandfather, finds out Gareki has been paying Tsubame’s grandfather’s hospital fees and blah blah, yeah… Tsubame decides she wants to use her body so Circus can run tests on it to stop the Varuga. Awww… Well, I really admire her bravery and courage. I give her that.

BUT THAT WAS KARNEVAL EPISODE 6 FOLKS. let’s hope things get rolling again next week…


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