To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S Episode 4

Sisters (Sisters)

Episode 4 is a relatively different experience to the build up of recent episodes, where we take some time to stop and watch the girls enjoying their summer, with Misaka enjoying it a little “too” much.

It may sound boring, but that’s pretty much all that happens. Railgun’s always delivered wonderful filler episodes to help flesh out and give the characters a little bit more development, but after the kinda sorta climax from last week, this feels a little bit off.

Well, I say that, but we get a little more of the clones in the background. We watch 9982 being born and created for a mysterious purpose.

Well, that is until the kids ditch her, and an electro signal calls Misaka to one of her clones. Now that’s a different ending to a not-so-different episode. Not to begin to talk about cleaning up at the very end there…


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