To Aru Kagaku no Railgun S Episodes 2 & 3

Life Interrupt (Critical)
Railgun Mass-Production Plan (Radio Noise Project)

The puzzle pieces all come into place in these two episodes, and man…do they fall into place. Cash cards, DNA maps and reverse pedobears are all part of these past two weeks Biribiri installments.

To be quite honest, these are by the book Railgun episodes. They were delivered really well, and they were entertaining, amusing and pretty interesting. There…honestly isn’t much for me to say about these two, as the big points to the arc are coming up in the next few episodes.

With that said, solid show gave another solid two episodes and managed to keep the status quo…nothing else to say here. In the future, i’ll try to say more…leaving this a week and a bit since watching the episodes was my bad.


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