Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 10

N’s Secret…Beyond the Fog!

It was a while ago, but at the end of the last episode, N got pretty seriously beaten around by the Plasma Gang, leading to the mysterious pair of woman to appear out of the fog.

The spring which he was placed in by the woman, named Helena and Verbera, has a healing effect which relives all of N’s injuries, and as the woman reveal that they can also hear the voice of Pokemon, they get introduced to N’s hideaway where he spends his free time. From here, all the Pokemon bear terrible injuries and memories from humanity, and although their bodies may recover, their hearts never will.

By this point, Satoshi and the group are so deeply involved with N that his reasons and his motives behind the journey should come to light, and lo and behold, it’s backstory time. A lot of this comes from the game, where N is never allowed to leave the mansion that he was raised in by Ghetsis to become his pawn of the Plasma Gang. We advance to two years in the past, where Ghetsis summons none over than Reshiram, whom rampaged and destroyed the mansion. Helena and Verbera took N with them, and they made an escape from the Plasma Gang to right their wrongs.

The only thing that’s missing by this point is what Ghetsis wanted to summon Reshiram for, and in exploring this motive, he discovered more and more of the wrongs of the Plasma Gang…or namely, humanity. Helena and Verbera advocate N’s ideals from the first game, where humans and Pokemon should live seperately, and they show no compassion nor remorse to Satoshi, Zekrom’s hero. With the trio of heroes ordered to leave by tomorrow morning, Satoshi has a pretty hefty burden on his heart. Mutal understanding, or free lives apart from each other. As they agree to talk to Helena and Verbera once more, their Pokemon attempt to befriend the shy natives of this reclusive hideaway.

Thanks to their Pokemon, they seem to have achieved the spying Helena and Verbera’s trust, as the scared ones slowly befriend them. However, Team Plasma is moving on the hidden hideout, and Helena and Verbera are giving our heroes even more faith and confidence as they get accused of leading Team Plasma to the hideout. With an actual evil in place, the battles against Team Plasma actually feel relatively tense and dangerous, compared to the ridiculous nature of most battles being for fun or sport. With Helena and Verbera going to the length where they go back for Satoshi and the group, it appears that we’ve said goodbye to N as the heroes are expelled from their hiding place. After what was actually a serious episode which worked incredibly well, we’re coming up to the climax of this series.


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