Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 11

Team Rocket VS Team Plasma! Meowth and Colress!!

As N’s departure and the heavy words of Helena and Verbera weigh upon our heroes, they can spot Dragonspiral Tower in the distance, and the White Ruins are getting closer and closer. However, just WHAT are Team Rocket playing at in the background?

Team Plasma delivers their report to Colress and the seniors about how N got away, but Team Rocket had tailed them all the way back to their secret base, and displaying talents worthy of a true ninja, they manage to lure away all of Team Plasma, leaving Meowth to negotiate with Colress.

Colress may be interested in what Meowth has to say, but he’s much more interested in Meowth himself, namely because a talking Meowth is far from common. With the two working together. However, Meowth appears to has underestimated Colress.

Elsewhere, N’s investigations reveal a bunch of Genesect running rampage, and the red one that’s featured in the upcoming movie. Elsewhere, Team Rocket escape with Meowth. With Ghetsis ordering the Plasma Gang to the White Ruins to use the machine on Reshiram and the little side-story about Satoshi and his Pignite over, we’re moving to the main stage.


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