Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 12

The White Ruins! Satoshi VS N!!

With the professor discovering the Light Stone, things are about to get pretty interesting, as the bearer of that stone can revive Reshiram…

Upon arriving at the White Ruins, all the teams are in place, with N being the odd one out right now, being the fourth party who’s yet to make a move. The trio meets up with the Professor once more, and they arrive just as the seal is ready to be broken. As the White Stone is removed and it sends the signal of discovery, even N begins to converge on the White Ruins. However, N is far from happy to see the White Stone.

Infact, N goes as far as to dash in and steal it, claiming that he cannot hand it over to anyone. He has his own questions for Reshiram, who is equal to a god. He wants to become the Hero of Truths, and free the Pokemon if that it Reshiram’s just truth. However, as the White Ruins collapse underneath Satoshi and N, the two of them plummet to the bottom of the ruins along with the White Stone. However, unaware that the light Stone has vanished into the depths, the Plasma Gang makes their move to take over the White Ruins.

With N and Satoshi trapped, it becomes clear that Verbera and Helena banishing Satoshi and company was also a heavy weight on N’s mind, and the two have a chance to sit down with each other and talk about everything. What Pokemon are, what they represent and what they mean to not only Satoshi, but everyone.

Back on the surface, Looker makes an appearance at the White Ruins, threatening the entirity of Team Plasma and placing them under arrest, taking Angie captive. However, Colress doesn’t want to be arrested, and sets the Pokemon excavating the ruin on a wild rampage. With the Plasma Gang’s assault in full swing, things are certaintly getting interesting. With Satoshi and company taking Looker into their party to research the stone, N wanting to revive Reshiram to become it’s hero, Team Plasma wanting to control Reshiram and Team Rocket planning to take it to Kanto to study, the climax heats up.


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