Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 13

Team Plasma Strikes! The Resurrection Ritual!!

Things don’t exactly look good for our heroes right now, as with Satoshi and N out the picture and Team Plasma using the rampaging Pokemon to attack.

With the heroes captured and the screaming voices silenced, N’s obviously scared. However, after watching all of Satoshi’s Pokemon do everything they can to help them get free, N lends a hand, and before they know it the duo is freed, and staring down the Plasma Gang.

However, the rampaging Pokemon can’t handle the bonds of friendship between all of Satoshi’s Pokemon,however…since Pikachu won’t get in a Poke Ball, it becomes Colress’s target. As nothing will get through to Pikachu, N makes the choice to surrender the Light Stone.

Throwing everything that they fought for away and admitting that the Plasma Gang has won, N’s surrender marks the arrival of Ghetsis. As the ritual to revive Reshiram commences, the final to this entire arc depends on what happens next week. Reshiram is ready to be summoned, and the only party in any position to fight are Satoshi and his weakened Pikachu and Team Rocket.


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