Suisei no Gargantia Episode 5

Day of Calm

Suisei no Gargantia episode 5

Amongst the day to day life of hard working Ledo and his Yunboro Chamber on the fleet Gargantia, it seems that it’s now rare to have a day off for rest. Yet, even now, work and jobs have to be done, as Ledo soon finds out and learns a little more about life and the people on the Gargantia.

Okay so… Some of you may be wondering “why on earth are you now suddenly writing for Suisei no Gargantia, Lucy?” It was decided after some rearranging that I would take over Suisei no Gargantia for the time being, what with Mimi being busy and all. So now I’m writing for both Karneval and Suisei no Gargantia, and I can easily say I am enjoying Suisei way more than Karneval.

I think that this episode was quite a nice break from the daily life on the Gargantia, and we finally got to see the more human-like side of Ledo. We’ve seen him act so awkwardly and unnaturally, and after we saw him thrown into an environment completely unlike his homeland in space, it was quite nice to see him settle and to begin to get used to the life on the fleet. The break was a nice little filler episode, and I really quite enjoyed it.

We firstly notice that Ledo has become… Bored recently whilst on the Gargantia. And heck, I can empathize: I suppose when you’re a foreigner from outer-space with no prior knowledge of earth beforehand nor unable to speak the language and are pretty much shut away from the society, completely helpless, I think you’d grow a little bit bored, it’s only natural. So we notice Ledo with the flute again, all that it reminds me more of an ocarina, and at this point I’m beginning to think that in episode 4 when Bebel was talking to Ledo about living for something or someone, that the flute he had which was identical to the other boy in his flashback was actually his brother… I mean, they do look quite similar and it would make sense, what with all the talk of family earlier on in the episode, which kind of seems to be foreshadowing it.

Anyway… Amy talks to Ledo and it seems Ledo wants to find jobs to do, of which he has to be insanely bored to want to do extra work, but what with Chamber doing all the work for him, I guess he feels like he has to contribute in one way or another to the fleet to thank them for their hospitality. I mean, I feel like that we, the audience are supposed to be like watching this anime from Ledo’s viewpoint. Sure, we do know much about earth since this is the planet we live on and all, but this is in the future and watching this all and learning it all is much like us learning more about a completely new planet. It’s quite nice, since we can understand some bits of it, and it’s nice to feel like we’re kind of joining in with the show… Or maybe I’m the only one who thinks that, but anyway.

Ledo looks around for jobs but with no luck. I suppose when you’re a strange man from outer-space not many people would be too keen on hiring you for odd jobs anyway. Anyway, Pinion seems to require Ledo for something, and they all decide to have a barbecue, what the sea being calm meaning they can run repairs on the fleet and also relax (hence the episode name “Day of Calm”). Just Pinion, Bebel, Amy, Ledo and also Amy’s friends Melty and Saya join in too, of which Melty seems to have quite a big crush on the mysterious man. I am also quite curious to know more about Ledo too, and more about his home in outer-space, since the majority of the anime is set on the Gargantia, which makes sense.

As Ledo and friends all head off swimming, we can see Ledo struggling a little to get used to the new skill. In fact, Ledo seems almost helpless at everything he does in his new life on earth, but I guess it is quite adorable to watch. As they try to get started on the barbecue, they notice the power is out, which seems pretty pointless since if it’s supposed to be a day of repairs then surely having the power on would also help any repairs they would need to run AND to well… Maybe relax too? I dunno. Either way, the barbecue won’t work, so naturally they feel that Chamber will be of some use again to cook the meat. But… It seems that this kind of command isn’t stored in Chamber’s database, so he ends up completely burning up the meat. See, even though the Yunboro may be a very helpful tool, it can’t even do one basic command, and as more people join in the barbecue, it seems Pinion has no choice but to send Ledo off for a job. A job specifically for Ledo too! I suppose actually working for once may be quite nice. It’s at this point I feel like the atmosphere on the Gargantia is quite happy and nice and peaceful, and I mean who can deny the art is amazing too (never mind the fanservice…), so I enjoyed seeing Ledo off and out for his errands, although after running into some… strange… “women”, I completely forgot about that and was sent into fits of laughter. But after finally being rescued by Amy, I soon began to learn that whilst Ledo may not have much of an understanding of human life on earth, he still has pretty humane reactions to things… I guess it would just be human nature if you ran into a group of people like that and began madly chasing after you, claiming you have such “a nice butt”.

But then I remembered how beautiful the art really was when they sent all the water out from the rooftops and watched and saw how amazing the scenery was. Ah. I would quite like to maybe just spend a day or two on the Gargantia, just to see what life was like. If only it were real…

Either way, finally Ledo gets the job done, after what should have seemed like a seemingly important task that only the professional Ledo could carry out, the small chest held a bottle of some sauce that tasted great on the meat. They also ended up grilling the meat on the overheated Chamber, laying on the floor. Oh well… It seems like Ledo had finally began to experience life on the Gargantia, and at this time I think we also learned a lot more too, after following Ledo’s funny adventures and mishaps on the fleet today, and that maybe, just maybe, the boy had finally made friends, as it turned out that Pinion had actually thrown the barbecue party for Ledo to help him relax and find something to do, since he had no work to do. Which was quite sweet, actually, as it shows that life may not always be work work work for the people on the fleet.

But it feels like trouble is on the way in episode 6, of which I shall be writing very soon! So stay tuned. :3


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