Suisei no Gargantia Episode 6


Suisei no Gargantia episode 6

You know, I’m not surprised by the fact that the Hideauze also happens to look much like any kind of sea creature with tentacles after this  episode, and it honestly would not surprise me if in fact in episode 7 the Gargantia was attacked by a giant tentacle monster.


okay. okay. I promise. I will try and make this post about the whole episode and not my rant about how creepy as heck that fanservice was in this episode. I’m sure probably some of you perverts will read this and tell me how it was completely fine! But I promise, I promise, I’ll justify my reason.

Nonetheless, if we exclude that, this episode was decent. In a way it’s nice to see Ledo adjusting to life on earth a little more though, and seeing him get used to the basic mechanics of life, like using money and as Amy said, being able to express his emotions a little more (and the whole practicing thing too I suppose). From this I can gather life in Ledo’s homeland must be pretty dull, and that they are only used as mere tools just to fulfill their purpose in life and to die. Whereas, here on earth, most argue that our purpose in life is to reproduce and to keep this earth spinning, but heck, I won’t get into too much of a debate here, but that’s what I’m just going with for now. I also like the fact that when Ledo was talking to Bebel about the salvaging, and Bebel says how “you can see things from the earth in ancient times”, which I gotta say is pretty neat, since they obviously must be referring to our present day. Hm. So maybe this is what is going to happen to this earth… We’ll all live on fleets in the near future. Well, it certainly sounds like an interesting idea anyway.

Yet there’s one thing Ledo cannot get to grips with… Getting a job and being able to swim. And it does not help even more when you’re stuck in a giant Yunboro and you cannot swim and have no experience of catching fish. Oh well, at least Ledo tried. It’s kinda sad how Ledo feels so alone and hopeless because he’s… So different to everyone else, heck, even Chamber can be of some use, and Ledo can’t seem to do anything at all. He managed to earn some money sure, but I guess it wasn’t much of a big job. Either way, I was really rooting for Ledo and hoping he’d be able to do a good job, but sadly no luck. Ledo runs into Amy and decides to invite Ledo to the carnival later. Yeah it was… Sure some great carnival, and if by that you mean three teenage girls dancing on stage for old men in skimpy clothing, then sure, that’s a carnival alright! Because that’s literally what it was.

I can’t really understand it. It was… Weird. Sure, it was for fanservice and hey, I’m not saying there is anything wrong with fanservice at all. Heck, it’s evident and found in pretty much every anime nowadays and that’s just how it goes. I mean, even in episode 5 there was too, except… Episode 6, it was just a bit too weird and creepy. Sure, it is what it is but I just… I dunno. Those girls are 15 years old, the same age as me, and they were dancing kinda… well, nearly naked in front of grown men and… it’s not like it was even dancing like ballet or tap dancing or anything like that. Heck, it wouldn’t have been so bad if it was grown women instead but… I dunno, it was just way too weird and creepy for me, the whole atmosphere, set-up, just everything that happened, and there was too much going on at once. There was that and the bickering between Pinion and Bellows on what they could do with poor Ledo and then finally, when they bring out the dinner, it’s… Octopus. Just… just trust there to be tentacles. Of course Ledo almost tries to attack the damn thing, claiming it’s Hideauze. Man. That was way too much all at once. But then again, if all that was going on at once, I think I would probably react just like Ledo did too.

And then Ledo and Amy spend more time together and Ledo asks Amy to dance for him and blah, maybe Ledo was just trying to show his more… Human side then, since it was just… Human nature. Yeah. I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyway, Ledo finally decides to do the wise thing and join up with Bellows, which seems a lot better than going off with perverted Pinion. Eventually, Ledo gets into Chamber and then he and Bellows begin to salvage underneath the sea with fish. I kinda like the whole teamwork thing going on with Ledo and Chamber too. It’s like, even though Chamber seems to be of more use than Ledo, he often ends up destroying things (like the fish in this episode too), and the same goes to Ledo, so it’s a real sweet… Companionship they have going on. Anyway, as they go further under the sea, they discover a sunken ship, and it seems inside it another tentacle-y creature inhabits it… And what’s going on? Is it the Hideauze again? Yep… Ah, I dunno. Maybe Ledo will finally get used to life on earth.

Either way, I dunno, this episode was okay I suppose. Everything seems a bit slow-paced at the moment, and I would honestly to see a bit more action like when Ledo attacked the pirates and… Things like that. It’s nice to have a filler episode or two, because it takes a nice break and you can meet a new subplot, but I feel like we need a new action-packed episode to keep the story flowing.


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