Karneval Episode 7

“Sigh of the Mermaid” and the 3 Cabelleros

Karneval episode 7

It’s good to see that Circus is back to its usual hectic routine now, after the depressing episodes we had to endure at Gareki’s hometown. All you need is a parade, a damsel in distress and Gareki wearing the Nyanperona suit, and it’s already a recipe for disaster.

What is even going on in this anime anymore? Is there even a plot or storyline? I understand the fact that it’s based around the Circus organisation and they’re trying to stop the Varuga and whoever is causing these… Hideous creatures existance but, what is next? Is that it? It feels like it’s all come to a stand still, and it doesn’t help when you have a filler episode like this to slow the pace of the anime.

Needless to say I did enjoy it much more than the previous episodes which we saw in Gareki’s hometown, because it was at least a bit more humorous. And in a way, I can’t say I found the episodes in the village all that emotional. I never got chance to really connect or get to know the characters there – Yotaka and Tsubame – so when I found out this episode that they had already killed Tsubame to run tests on her, I didn’t really know how to react. I was expressionless… I mean, when Yotaka died, I did say “awww” to myself, but that was literally it. It’s like they simply dropped all that tense and suspense at the end of the last episode and forgot about it and merely moved on. Episodes 5 and 6 were depressing, so naturally even Gareki feels the same after the death of this “brother and sister”, so Yogi deems it a good idea to invite Nai and Gareki to the parade they’re holding in town again. Which, as we all know, after the first or second episode in the parade, it really wouldn’t be so much of a good idea.

Anyway, regardless of the fact that Nai and Gareki really aren’t members of Circus (in fact, I nearly forgot what they were even doing there, but then I remembered they were or should be running tests on them, of which that idea seems to have gone out the window), I think we’re missing too much time of seeing the whole Circus group, so maybe it was nice to catch up with them. But I still feel some characters are much of a mystery. Even though they may only be a minor character, it’s like we completely skipped the introduction with them and it really feels unnatural (eg: Kiichi… Who even IS she?!).

But one thing that really made my day is when Kiichi runs up to Yogi and says they’re missing one of the security rabbits (really couldn’t think up an imaginative name for this one could they?), meaning only ONE person could possibly fit inside the Nyan-perona suit or… Kind of. And if you exclude Nai… Then that means Gareki would be fit for the job. SERIOUSLY. You could not have made that poor BOY even more depressed! Seriously! He’s LOST his poor “sister” Tsubame after she sacrificed her life for the further research on Varuga and NOW you’re making him dress up as a… I… I don’t even know… It’s just humiliation at its finest, but I couldn’t help but laugh a little at poor Gareki’s misfortune as he handed out the candy bars to the little kids: In fact that in itself sounds creepy enough as it is.

Anyway, over at the stage, Jiki and Tsukumo are rehearsing for a perfomance later on… And as Jiki declares his love for the beautiful mermaid he had captured and was utterly and truly infatuated with upon first sight, we notice Tsukumo wearing… A… Horse… Suit? Aha, what is up with Karneval and animal costumes?

But we soon see the strange rabbit at the stage and because the rabbit is malfunctioning, it will try and do everything it can to protect people which is… Weird, I guess, and doesn’t make much sense, but he seals the small tube of water in which Tsukumo is in, so she can’t escape… In the actual performance. And the water has risen to the top. Come on, this kind of problem is pathetic compared to what large a scale Circus are usually used to dealing with criminals and all sorts of top secret missions, yet they can’t even BREAK open the glass. Anyway, during the performance, super Gareki (without the Nyan perona suit), Nai, and Yogi all manage to save poor Tsukumo from drowning, whilst Iva decides to deal with Jiki herself whilst humiliating him on stage by getting him to call her “my Queen”. Oh dear.

Anyway, despite all the chaos, it seems Garek is back to his usual self and earlier on, after what Nai said about his definition of family, it feels like that the two eccentric boys have really found true family at Circus, which is what I feel like they were hinting at the whole time. Sure they may run into trouble like that, but deep down, they’re all together and all trying to help each other and to have fun, which was quite sweet and a nice way to end the episode. But, sadly, I really have no idea what’s going to happen next episode.. But I do hope that Karneval decides to take a step in the right direction and manage to get the story going yet again.


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