Pokemon: Best Wishes 2 Episode N Episode 14

Reshiram VS N! Beyond Ideals and Truths!

Just in the nick of time to stop Team Plasma from reviving Reshiram, Helena and Verbera make a return. However, it is the return that was expected?

I honestly didn’t expect them to turn on N and say that he’s been tainted, and I expected even less for N to turn against Helena and Verbera. However, it’s not long before they’re also at the mercy of Colress and his machine, and now there really is nobody left to stop Reshiram from emerging. It’s not very long at all until Reshiram actually does get revived, and comes down to face N and Ghetsis. It’s the Plasma Gang’s perfect victory, as Reshiram gets corrupted by Colress and his machine just like the other Pokemon.

Satoshi teams up N to save the Pokemon, and Team Rocket and Looker make a very unlikely alliance to end this madness for good. And thus, Meowth jumps in to save Pikachu and Satoshi, and the unlikely alliance grows even further. As Satoshi charges in as the bait, Jessie and James take their turns as main characters, with the inclusions of Iris and Kibago. Continuing forward, the next thing in the way is Reshiram, and this is probably one hurdle too far for them to jump over…or not. Pikachu manages to wake Reshiram from it’s trance with shock therapy, and the two of them take out Colress’s machine.

It’s N’s turn to take the frontline, as even with the machine stopped, Reshiram’s intense anger won’t stop anything. N’s ideals manage to touch Reshiram’s heart, however, and it appears to decide that there’s no need for the truth that it has to give to anyone. With N’s purpose changing and Helena and Verbera joining forces with him for good, walking into a future of ideals, it appears to be the perfect ending. The Plasma Gang was thwarted, Team Rocket got their chance to play the heroes and Reshiram gave up forcing the truth on humans. It was a predictable ending with a twist thrown in here and there and make things appear different, and in all honesty, it would have been so much better without the Plasma Gang getting in the way and messing around. The highlight really was N and Reshiram in the end, and I think i’ll actually miss N as a character. He grew on me a lot, and got a lot of unexpected development.

Sadly, the next season doesn’t appear to be all that special, and just thirteen or so episodes to pass the time until X and Y get released…so don’t expect it to be covered here. I also don’t really think I have anything to say in a review by this point, since i’ve covered everything I want to say in the episodes and so forth…so i’m not going to. Until next time!


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