Suisei no Gargantia Episode 7

A Soldier’s Duty

Suisei no Gargantia episode 7

I was right. I was actually right. It seemed to me for the moment that the Gargantia was going to actually be attacked by the tentacle equipped “Hideauze” sea creature, and everyone on the fleet seemed genuinely frightened by the “sacred” slimy creature. Oh, great. Well at least they managed to get back to the plot now.

A good episode! After two episodes of what felt like just purely fanservice, I’m glad that they quickly turned the plot back round and got back on track. Back to the old Gargantia we knew and love, and back to the same Ledo we love. Hm, but either way, it seems that the peculiar Ledo attacked last episode was actually a whale squid or something like that. We soon learn how that these underwater beings are actually seen as “sacred” (trust it to be tentacles…) and because Ledo killed the squid, the whole fleet will now be cursed. Or maybe, just maybe, they really ought to move on from their pathetic superstitions and move on: Ledo didn’t know. He was only doing what was right, because he automatically assumed it was the Hideauze. Sure, maybe attacking it out of the blue was a little wrong, but I suppose if that were you you’d probably react the same or flee: It’s just human nature, and I know Ledo is from outer-space and all that, but he is still a human and still has that same human nature we all own. Nobody told him, so it was okay, right?

Wrong. Just after him killing ONE whale squid, it’s like the whole world is against him… Or the fleet. But I feel a bit sorry for Ledo. It must be difficult just coming from outer-space and spending so many happy days with the new friends he’s made and suddenly he tries to do what is right to defend the Gargantia and now people are honestly fearing for their lives. I suppose you can’t ditch your own beliefs and superstitions and etc, so I can see both sides of it. And at the moment, I feel like we’re leaning more to Ledo’s side and perspective. Because sometimes, Ledo does things that we can’t understand or we feel like we can empathize more with the people on the Gargantia more, so it’s like we can view it from their perspective and view at times (like in episode 6), and other times we can see it through Ledo’s eyes, which is pretty neat, because it’s like we can connect with both kinda… “Worlds”, and learn more about it at the same time.

Back on topic, and as soon as Pinion learns of the quirky Ledo’s sudden attack on the whale squid, Pinion is begging the young boy to come salvage with him, after it’s believed that there’s lots of treasure by the whale squid base: Although that being said, no one has ever managed to get close to the base, so how he knows well… Well, I’m guessing it may have been a load of…

But the whale squid won’t go down without a fight! Oh no! It seems a LARGE shoal of them is approaching. Oh damn. Looks like maybe my predictions of a giant tentacle monster attacking the fleet may actually have been true, or near abouts, but I was let down when they simply swam on by. But it was pretty tense, I’ll give ’em that, with Ledo and Amy at gunpoint from Ridgett. Although, it’s not like I was expecting her to fire at the pair, since I too was focusing as to what was going on underwater, and so it seems everyone else was as well. But as they passed by, everyone soon began to realise that maybe the whale squid weren’t out to attack them, but I’m sure Ledo thought otherwise. I’m beginning to understand a little more now: Ledo thought that the whale squid was the Hideauze because they are of the same species, so naturally they’ll have the same instinct so… Maybe at the end of the anime, who knows? We might get to see an epic battle scene between Ledo and the Hideauze Whale-Squid!

So when the fleet learn the whale squid aren’t going to hurt them, it seems that everyone else is jumping on the bandwagon… Pinion’s bandwagon, but some are still a little uncertain on the idea. So, will they be led by their greedy ways and human nature, or do what is best for the safety of the fleet? And what about Ledo? … And how will he get home?


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