Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8

I Can Hear a Heartbeat: Battle of Trost District, Part 4


Justin (1)Jean steals the show and we find out just what the berserker titan is… Or should I say who? I think you’ve already guessed it.

Armin and Jean just proved to the SnG viewers that they’re some of the strongest characters this season. Sure, Armin is kind of a pussy and Jean can be a dick, but they also are showing other dimensions to their characters that can make them likable. Under high stress situations, Armin knows exactly the kind of chances he has to take. Jean is the same way, though instead of making calculated plans he is more of a reactionary and it works out for him in the end… Most of the time.

We’re also seeing a more human side for Jean, as although every decision he has made has probably been the correct one, it doesn’t come without consequences. He is one of the better people at using 3D mobility gear, but he isn’t strong enough to take on titans by himself – that’s a job for Mikasa and Rivaille(fangirled over flashing his character in the next episode). What Jean excels at is being weak himself and knowing the limitations of the average person. If he was calling the shots in a higher up position, I can guarantee a lot more soldiers and civilians would be alive. It’s something that I’m sure every damn person in that building is happy for. I’m sure if Mikasa was leading she wouldn’t have been able to know or realize the others couldn’t keep up with her, so it’s much better to have someone like Jean in charge.

I guess I can finally call EVA U1 Eren now? I mean, I dunno, my brother was continually texting me as he was watching to let me know it was exactly like Berserker EVA, and the whole time I wanted to spoil him. I mean, for everyone watching who hasn’t read the manga… Was there really any doubt of who the titan was? Who else could it be? His rampage was awesome; especially when he used the body of the abnormal titan that killed Thomas to smash all the other titans around him. Not to mention the titan punt – some say that the titan is still flying through the air to this day.

God damn, Sasha is pretty awesome but useless so far. Is it just me or was that scene was a little differently in the manga. I felt like that was showing Sasha’s humourous side and the voice actor gave her a feeling of being too scared if that makes sense. Perhaps it’s just me, but I remember the scene itself being a little more hilarious when Sasha tried to talk her way out of being eaten… Was still hilarious when she thanked Mikasa though, so I’m thankful for that. Also for the Sasha fans who haven’t read the manga, she’ll get her redemption soon enough. Just wait and see!

If I were to say some negatives of this episode, I’d have to say that the production values are slipping a bit. For example, there was a scene where Reiner was telling a joke about sticking his blade up the titans ass as they were walking down the stairs… Now, it was hilarious, but the scene itself was literally a still shot. I don’t really see any reason for that to be one other than the animators were cutting corners with their budget. Eren’s rampage was also noticeably less extravagant as other “epic” scenes – such as when he first appeared in his titan form and when the armoured titan first appeared. These are some of my favourite parts in the manga, and I wish they had kept the production values as high as the last few episodes. It’s all I’m saying.

EPISODE 9 WHERE? Geez, I may have actually killed someone in anticipation for what was to happen next if I didn’t already know what was going to happen. Just be careful you don’t run into any spoilers like I did. You non-manga readers are strong minded – I’ll give you that.


2 thoughts on “Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 8

  1. I agree about the production quality. This was actually my favourite episode of the whole series so far, but there were a lot of awkwardly-placed still frames in this one, and I can’t really see a good reason for them. The animation, when it is used effectively, is really good, so I’m not really sure why whoever’s in charge of the artwork has decided to put in so many still shots.

    • Well, there has been a lot of still shots over the course of the series. I actually don’t mind them so much, as most of them look exactly like their manga counter parts – though they’re usually used when the narrator is talking or during action scenes. For the series, the production values were lacking, but for anime as a medium they were still head and shoulders above most series’. I’m guessing the animators used many scenes as a way to cut corners on their budget.

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