Karneval Episode 8

Snow Box

Karneval episode 8

Who would have thought our sweet and fun-loving Yogi could turn into an insane, crazy, yandere for Gareki  monster?

If you asked me to describe Karneval in 3 words my answer would be: … what’s going on?


I can’t even follow this anime anymore.

It’s too stop-start-y. The plot doesn’t flow. It’s like ONE minute “damn, tension in the air, something’s about to go down and I don’t like the sounds of this” and THEN THEY STOP JUST FOR EXTRA POINTLESS DIALOGUE AND YOU’RE LEFT THINKING “… wait, what?”. Even I keep forgetting what they’re trying to do with their research. Yes sure, they reiterate the importance of Kafka and Varuga nearly every damn episode but it’s kinda like when they do encounter Varuga, it’s a very short moment and any action and tension that was apparent earlier on simmers down. Now I’m just forgetting why they’re researching it. Why do they even care so much for Gareki and Nai? Like, there are still so many unanswered questions and I don’t think we’re going to get any answers to them anytime soon. Maybe we won’t get any. Maybe once they close the curtains, we will be sat there, contemplating life. Contemplating Karneval. Contemplating why such a promising anime turned out to be such a disappointment. Well, unless some serious plot-twists are lying ahead, I don’t think Karneval will be getting high ratings from me, but I will persist with this, and I will persist in writing about it. Because despite the fact it’s growing a little boring, I can’t help but love the characters, the scenery, the art, the atmosphere it gives me. Yeah.

So what about this episode? Okay, so Yogi, Tsukumo, Gareki and Nai all head off out to a small snow town for some reason as a “present”, to research on Kafka – also, who are Kafka again? Like, I know they’re the organization that are behind all the incidents with Varuga, but we know barely anything about them. Shows what successful research they’re having and how efficient these Circus workers really are… – and are given a small present to keep themselves warm whilst out in the bitterly cold blizzard: A… Warm snowman? Named Yukkin. Of course Nai grows immediately attached the cute little thing, but as they begin to head back to the town they’re staying in after ransacking the mansion for any possible documents on Kafka, they discover Yukkin is missing, and they run into some random people who are all about “cool gear”. Yeah, cool gear… I dunno if what they were wearing was classed as cool gear, because I personally thought they looked like a pair of clowns. Look:

Episode 8yeah… real cool gear, guys. so anyway, they find this Yukkin and they steal it. And lots of hilarity ensues and Gareki and Yogi and Nai all find this underground tunnel with this weird room with a doll and old toys (okay, now what is up with that?). Somehow when they two boys attack Tsukumo, they trap the other guys from Circus in the underground hole, but using a bomb made from the stuff in this secret room they manage to get back to save Tsukumo… they fight, Nai and Tsukumo run away, the two boys who I swear are “Varuga” (well, that’s what Tsukumo said I think), they manage to make Gareki and Yogi blind, and as Yogi is kicked in the face, a small plaster on his face falls off, he turns insane and… his hair goes white and eyes go red? Like, I dunno. Either way, something tells me maybe Yogi might be a Niji too from this (well done Sherlock…), but meh, It’s all so half-hearted. I just… I don’t know. It’s like half-way through when they fight, Yogi and Gareki just stop and talk about being friends and stupid ridiculous stuff like that. Let’s face it: In reality, if YOU were attacked by two freaks like that, I’m sure your natural instinct would to either run or to retaliate… NOT TO STOP AND TALK…. That’s what I meant when I say the story really doesn’t flow. I’m let down by Karneval. it’s a true shame.

… Well if there’s one notable thing I quite like, it’s that I like the use of all the different scenery and pretty locations they go to, but I guess that’s it. It has a really charming atmosphere, but the story itself is lacking.

(Also, is it me, but I think Yogi may be in love with Gareki? Who knows… Maybe we’ll see a small love bloom between the pair. That might be the one exciting thing that comes from this anime.)


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