Karneval Episode 9

Blue Rose

Karneval episode 9

So Karneval finally decided to shift into gear and get moving, at last! Somewhere, there is a plot forming, and I think that many secrets of Kafka, Varuga and even Karoku will soon be released. Oh, I can’t wait! Despite all the boring episodes of Karneval that we were presented with, week after week of just filler episodes, episodes of nothing, episodes of just… what… what?! But finally, FINALLY my prayers have been answered. I can’t say that Karneval is the best anime of this season and I doubt it’ll struggle to get a high rating from me anymore, but damn, I would really like a good ending from this show so at least it can end on a high note. So what happened this episode?

Well first off, those weird Varuga guys took off and kidnapped Tsukumo… But I don’t even know who they are. Of course they must be working with Kafka, but that’s pretty much it. Varuga are still much of a mystery to us and so are many of the characters in Karneval but I am hoping that our questions will be answered soon, because I’m just forever referring to this freaky duo as the “cool gear guys”. Heh. Yogi, Gareki and Nai make it back, and Nai and Gareki find out about Yogi’s strange condition from Akari-sensei (also, why is Yogi so afraid of him?!), apparently it being an allergic reaction to Varuga… Something like that. But that’s pretty strange, don’t you think? I’m still confused by Akari-sensei’s explanation of it all, but why is Yogi allergic to it? Is there or is there not a reason… and well, if Circus’ main priority is dealing with Varuga, then why is Yogi even working with Circus? He would have to make contact with Varuga of course, but… Still that’s a great risk. Anyway, Yogi was carrying around a box with him and this contained key evidence which could completely cripple the state of Kafka and its organisation with Varuga… But sadly he lost it. Gee… And guess where it is…

After that, we see Tsukumo at a large mansion, where they’re holding a party and we also see the cool gear guys there, along with the pink plait girl (who is called Erisyuka, but she is still yet another pointless character, and also a little brat by the looks of it, constantly obsessing over her Karoku) and her servant Uro (also the man in possession of the box), so now we’re in trouble. I was looking forward to a good party-crashing, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Come on, Circus… You’re the guys filled with the best entertainment, maybe that’s even why you’re called Circus. I would have totally loved to have seen them all gatecrash this posh party, retrieve that evidence, bring down Kafka and end it at that! But no, my wishes won’t be granted. After Erisyuka spots Tsukumo, she recognizes her from the train incident and of course, Tsukumo quickly flees, but ends up running to a large greenhouse, in which she encounters Karoku who… Kills her? With a simple stab of a special spike in his ring… wow… I really don’t understand this. Either way, this Karoku guy seems suspicious to me and obviously belongs or is related to Kafka in one way or another, so i think it’ll be a tough decision for Nai when he has to pick who to side with in the end: Circus or Kafka? And honest, I think he’ll always side with Circus. They’re the ones who protected him, looked after him and went through all that trouble for him… And he has his precious Gareki too~

Either way the main problem with Karneval at the moment is the lack of character development. Okay sure: You’ve got the likes of Yogi, Gareki, Nai… People like that. But then there are people like Tsukumo, who get one measly episode of development in which she says how she will only die for her friends, ends up dying anyway and etc etc. It’s a bit sad how they’re missing out on such a crucial detail, especially since Tsukumo WAS one of the main characters but… Nonetheless, at least the plot flowed a bit better than last week, and I have my fingers crossed for a good episode of action next week.


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