Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8


Suisei no Gargantia episode 8

This episode name is exactly as it sounds. The separation of friendship, the separation of the Gargantia… The separation of Ledo and Amy.

So now yet another break in the anime from the action and the whole… Hideauze thing going on, but more dilemmas must be faced when tough problems arise, and it’s not just people like Amy who will have to deal with the heartbreak of her new friend Ledo and Melty living the Gargantia when Flange’s fleet decides to split off from them in order for them to hunt down more of the whalesquid. Which is understandable, since many on the Gargantia are still all rather superstitious over it, but now with the commander gone, his funeral well under way and now Ridget is left in charge, what will be the fate of the fleet?

Of course it was quite nice because in episode 8 we really see the weaknesses of these characters as they go through problems that might be unique to the own Gargantia itself, or maybe just general problems as a whole, and seeing how they cope and deal with it. Because even though they live in the future earth, they are still human beings of course and… Human nature, human reactions… They still all have them, and even Ledo does when he chooses to go with Flange’s fleet in order to hunt down the Hideauze so he can protect Amy and Bebel from any trouble. Which is quite sweet, because despite all the havoc and mayhem we have seen Ledo cause and dragging his new friends into it, a friendship has bloomed between the two of them (although it seems maybe Amy wanted more than just a friendship with Ledo…).

Another problem poor Ledo must face is the fact he won’t be able to return back to his home in space… Which means he has no choice but to stay on the fleet. See, whilst you may be feeling all sorry for poor little Ridget, how would YOU feel if you were Ledo? Crash landed on earth, just about managed to speak the language to an acceptable standard, being rejected by those who live in the fleet due to him being from “outer-space” and can’t even get a decent job to do… And now he must live like this everyday. When you look at it through his perspective, then damn, it sure must be daunting. The only way he’d be able to get back to his home in space was if they travelled at the speed of light… But I sure do hope that Ledo gets to go home again soon.

So at the end of this episode, everything is resolved. With a little bit of help from Bellows, Ridget attends the commander’s funeral and with a new brave face on, she decides to tackle the job of being in charge of the Gargantia full on. And I really congratulate her for that! Because after she was criticized more by the veterans of the ship for being chosen and being believed she’s too weak (maybe even because they judged she’s a woman she would be incapable of doing a good job), she decided to prove them wrong, but of course she wouldn’t be able to do it all alone. The Gargantia is like a big family, and they all need to work together to keep life on the fleet flowing… Well, that’s the way I saw it. Ledo decided to leave with Flange’s fleet with Pinion, leaving Amy behind, but promises he will protect both her and Bebel from the underwater Hideauze, and Amy decides to stay with the Gargantia, to look after her brother. So there.

But my only problem is… Is how are they going to even call it Suisei no Gargantia now? It just won’t be the same without Ledo… How will they both follow two different stories going on at once? All I can guess is that… Maybe, Ledo and his crew end up running into a bit of trouble… Leaving them with no choice but to return to the Gargantia. Well, it’s always a happy ending so… Hm. We’ll see next time.


2 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia Episode 8

    • Well I just assumed they’d have a happy ending because that’s how it’s ended in every other episode! … hmm… :c

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