Shingeki no Kyonjin Episode 9

The Left Arm’s Trace: Battle of Trost District, Part 5


Justin (1)

Finally we get to see someone other than Mikasa killing the titans. Levi will most likely take most of the spotlight, but how about that ending?

I think it’s time we gave Levi, Hanji and the rest of the Recon Corps a proper introduction. I guess you could call the first scene “filler”, but who cares? We didn’t get to see them doing anything for a good chunk of the manga so it was pretty awesome to see. Levi, although a cold individual, is shown to really care for his comrades. Once again, the anime managed to surpass the manga as far as consistency of the plot and storytelling goes.

I just want to take a second to express my appreciation of the soundtrack and animation. Although it was kind of hilarious when it showed Armin’s initial face after seeing Eren alive(literally laughed out loud; he looks like a statue), the eyes coupled with the use of shading and faces excellently showcase the emotions of the characters without them saying a word.

I never really understood why he decided to ask the question of he was human or a titan. Was it because he wanted to test if he was lying? Perhaps if he answered he was a titan they may have attempted to get more out of them, though we’ll never know. I really hate that guy… Everything from his voice to his voice actor to the way he acts.

One thing that I didn’t notice in the manga because of the black and white colouring was the flash of orange before Eren turned – the exact same flash of orange before the colossal titan showed up. Hmmm? Guess that could mean something for all you non-manga readers, though I admit to nothing.

We also got our weekly dose of Mikasa being bad ass. I don’t see what they figured would happen if Eren was killed… I guess they figured they could take Mikasa? Well, if they killed Eren, she would simply see humans as the real monster and likely start killing people. Either way we’re finally starting to see her eyes become more lifeless like in the manga, so that’s a plus.

As a standalone, this episode once again surpassed what the manga tried to do. With the “filler” introduction of Levi, Hanji and the others, the writing staff for the anime is continuing to make good decisions for the sake of flow and consistency.


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