Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9

Deep Sea Secret

Suisei no Gargantia episode 9

I am seriously praying for this earth. Whatever I saw in this week’s Gargantia episode, I am just PRAYING that it never happens during my lifetime, nor does it ever happen. EVER. “What happened in this week’s episode of Suisei no Gargantia, Lucy?!” I hear you all ask. Now it’s okay: I’ll answer all your questions too, but I’m afraid I myself am very scared and also confused and hoping that this is all one big joke or something. But no, I doubt that this is merely a sick joke. I know it’s just an anime but… COME ON. HUMANS WITH TENTACLES. THE HIDEAUZE ARE BASICALLY EVOLVED HUMAN BEINGS. WHAT… sigh. Okay, so my predictions were near enough spot on and yes I’m really expecting a big war between Ledo and the humans on earth and Ledo’s space people friends who we STILL don’t know anything about. Anyways…

So now that Ledo, Pinion, Melty and a handful of other people we don’t give a crap about have split off from the main fleet of the Gargantia (so now it’s “Suisei no Gargantia and that little greedy fleet who are obsessed with the whale squid”), we dive straight back into the action.. Quite literally. I enjoyed actually seeing the action again, Ledo fighting the whale squid to find the treasure after very relaxed and slower-paced episodes recently. It was good, although it’s kind of a shame how it’s ALWAYS Ledo who is the one left to do the work, and I’d like to see OTHERS like Pinion pitching in to help… Although that’d make the whole mission a disaster, so maybe it’s better we don’t.

After Ledo manages to obliterate all the whale squid, he discovers the small nest where the Hideauze or… Whale squid seem to inhabit and breed in. It’s pretty weird because it’s…. Well, like seeing our whole world just… Underwater and completely abandoned, and strange to think that… You know, what if this really does happen one day in a distant future? Umm… Nah, I doubt it will, but either way it’s kinda weird to think about what the future might hold for our planet. So as Ledo searches for the treasure, all he comes across are small CD roms by the looks of it, or something like that containing data. Ledo asks Chamber to extract the information from this, and we learn some…. Pretty interesting and creepy stuff. The deep sea secret? Yeah. it should have probably stayed a deep sea secret forever… Because what I learned next was… Well, pretty damn disturbing. So much that even poor Ledo couldn’t contain his feelings and emotions anymore, and it’s possibly the first time we’ve ever seen Ledo express such extreme emotion. it was… actually quite sad, I’ll admit it.

To put it simply, here’s what the information was all about, because even I got pretty tangled up in all this sudden rush of plot and storyline, but managed to get the gist of it. So now on earth, back in… However many centuries ago this was, the fifth ice age is zooming upon the human race, what with climate change and global warming and the like getting more and more extreme. Humans would evidently not be able to survive in such conditions, so… Would have no choice but to move out to space (so maybe this is proof that Ledo is a descendant from earth and… isn’t actually some weird kind of spaceman?) if they wanted to survive. However, despite there being no signs of any planet in space within a good range to travel to (since there probably are some planets out there that humans could inhabit but it would take centuries to reach), a group named the Evolvers had a better plan: To evolve human beings so that they could easily adapt to life in space… Simple right? But naturally, with such an absurd idea, came a lot conflict between the Evolvers and other humans on earth. For one, they didn’t want to change how they looked, because they looked perfectly fine, AND SECONDLY, WHO WOULD WANT TO LOOK LIKE A HIDEAUZE WHALE SQUID WITH TENTACLES. People were infuriated, so an endless war between the Evolvers and mankind began to break out. Eventually, both Evolvers and… All the “normal people” abandoned earth and that was the end of that. So now I’m left with many questions.

Firstly, what is that massive “Hideauze” thing in space then and what is it doing? Is it trying to fight the human descendants like Ledo who… Know that their only objective in life is to destroy and yet not know the motive behind it?

Secondly, what happened to the humans on earth that moved out into space? Where did they go and what did they do next? I’m sure that they managed to survive, I mean of course they did, because I am sure now that Ledo is one of them, but what happened next for them?


… Sigh. So anyway, after a lot of confusion, I managed to twig it. Of course Pinion and the rest have no idea as to what’s just happened and I’m pretty sure that the only treasure Ledo discovered was the information and the small human Hideauze creature they discovered… so they still do exist. I’m just shocked, really, that the Hideauze really is linked to these whale squids and.. All of it is linking up, and it’s so weird and so strange. Of course, stupid Chamber ends up destroying the poor human whale squid… Which could have held the answers to all my questions… And poor Ledo. ;~; I’m honestly so scared for everyone on earth now… What will happen next?


3 thoughts on “Suisei no Gargantia Episode 9

  1. Considering that the rest of the anime didn’t really give us more information after this episode, I can act like I saw this post when it was made and don’t know the rest. Lol, of course not. though you can expect spoilers about the anime before ep 9 but not about what happens after.
    But I thought it was obvious from the first episode that Ledo was a descendant of the Earth’s humanity and not a spaceman or anything 😕 Or was it just me who didn’t try to think of other possibilities?
    And about what happened to the humans that moved into space- I also thought they showed that in the first episode, that they managed to form colonies or whatever and live into space. and they fought the Hideauze. By the way, I don’t think everyone left the Earth. I think some people remained there, who survided the whole fifth ice age and then started living like what we see in the anime. Of course,probably some generations passed. Well at least that’s what i understood from the anime, hm..

    • I do apologize that I didn’t finish writing this series! And yes, I knew it was obvious, but I think in my post I overplayed my confusion in this episode a little. I was a bit confused because it was a sudden rush of information that I didn’t really expect. Of course others who watched it probably did and I didn’t, so you know. :c I don’t think everyone left earth either though. I think some stayed behind and hence why they created such large fleets to survive on. Then more people caught onto the idea when they came back from space. ^^”

      • Yes, they suddenly revealed some things many people didn’t even think thy had some backstory. i thought Hideauze were just monsters like you find in any anime and that’s all.

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