Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation: First Impressions

Episode 01 / First Impressions

I’m completely ignoring the scene at the beginning. It’s just another reason why I’m not 100% sure on whether I’ll even continue watching this.

-Welcome to Despair Academy-

It’s not that the episode was bad, it’s just one of those things where you can tell exactly where this is going to go and you’ve seen it happen so many times that it just isn’t worth the effort. I haven’t even played the game but it feels like the pacing is off to me. A load of new characters introduced one after the other, the majority of which (if not all) have the most cliche character types out there. Fat guy introduced, he’ll die early on while panicking. Love interest introduced; she’ll go crazy, try to kill mr. protagonist and end up dying from multiple stab wounds to him because “he had to do it, cry face”. Then there’s the condescending rich guy who’ll see justice in killing one of them because he’s better and deserves to live above all of them. Obviously this isn’t definitely true but from how I feel about this right now, they’re what’s most likely to happen. If so, I don’t mind so long as they pull it off decently and don’t rush it. I don’t want to see like 3 of them dying in one episode.

More on the actual episode anyway; Monobear’s voice actor (or actress) is a terrible choice. Whoever decided to make it sound like a child’s toy needs firing. Way too many role matched voices in here. Especially the protagonist. Which shounen [I]hasn’t this guy been in? Surprisngly, I kinda like the bookworm. She’s not quiet like I thought she would be, which is always a plus. The story seems to be promising so far, kill or be killed being the premise. The videos they were shown seem a bit strange though. If they’re motives to escape, why would they kill off all their families. So they can escape and mourn? It just doesn’t seem like the obvious choice. If they’re just kidknapped, that’s different, but then does that mean if you escape they let your family go too? So many things unanswered. Right now I’m leaning toward to negative side of things because after Devil Survivor 2 last season, and the earlier Persona 4, these kinds of adaptions aren’t exactly brilliant. I’m hoping this turns out like a Mirai Nikki sort of thing, but anything that can be listed under ‘worth watching’ will honestly be fine. Sorry for the short and indecisive post, too.


5 thoughts on “Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei – The Animation: First Impressions

  1. Monobear’s voice actress was chosen because she played the national phenomenon that is Doraemon for decades. It’s a voice that’s deeply ingrained in the childhoods of Japanese everywhere. The universal reaction to Monobear’s voice in Japan when hearing it is “holy shit it’s Doraemon!” and that disconnect is part of the feel they tried to bring across when casting her. It’s like if Mickey Mouse or Bugs Bunny was cast for American audiences as murderous mouse/rabbit.

    Also it’s not well explained but with a little thinking it’s obvious they were shown videos of their family in trouble so they’ll want to get out at any cost to confirm for themselves whether it’s real or fake so someone will be driven to kill someone else.

    • Absolutely yes. Particularly on the first part. More than an actress choice, it’s amazing she even took the role in the games to begin with and it’s something of a major honor. The voice casting in general is pretty spot-on, but Monobear was essentially made for the voice.

    • Oh so it’s a culture thing, right. What I said still stands then, it doesn’t make sense to a western audience unless they’re educated to the point of, well, being you apparently.

      Also yes, obviously that’s the reason. Sorry for speculating.

  2. ahhh please don’t make any guessing on the events on the show!! at least give episode two has a chance. dangan ronpa HAS been popular for it’s many lot twists. it’s really really worth it! u w u

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