Free! Episode 2

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Free episode 2

meeeThis is the start of a new beginning for the Iwatobi High School Swimming Club!

So after the first episode in which we were introduced to almost all of our wonderful bishies (and Kou!), episode 2 was the opportunity for Kyo-Ani to help shape the plot for this anime, and they did: Not that it surprised me they would create the swimming club, because that’s what they usually do in most of their anime (K-On and Hyouka, for example), although I don’t mind that. It’s certainly taking a slightly more original and different approach to things than most anime do, what with the whole idea about swimming and whatnot. Anyway, after they were given time to think, Nagisa – after a long while contemplating whether or not it was a good idea or not in his head (no of course he didn’t but anyway) – suggested the idea of opening up a swimming club in the school. I mean, I liked it because during the funny moments of this anime and the slightly more humorous side it makes me remember that this is what Kyo-Ani is the best at, but then you get to the more… Well “emotional” parts of the anime like when I learned about why Rin was so mad at Haruka even though he won the swimming race, and only because Haruka let him. Which is, of course understandable, but I just really am curious about Rin. I mean at the end of the episode when I learned why Haruka quit competitive swimming, thanks to their Coach Sasabe (who is also now interestingly a pizza delivery man… what a sudden career path switch… (and it was because he quit as he always beat Rin in every race they ever had and of course this angered and upset Rin, so Haruka felt guilty that he had done such a thing), I really began to feel almost sorry for Rin. I don’t really know much about him, but all we’ve ever seen is this grumpy and sad side of him, lonely and cold even to his friends, and yet at the same time I feel like even Haruka is still a mystery… All we see is the “swimming, swimming, swimming” side of him and nothing more, like his life practically revolves around it. It actually made me feel quite sad… The fact Kyo-Ani can do that already, even amongst the sunny and funny and happy happy atmosphere.

Although, to any of you who may be reading this and thinking why on earth I can find enjoyment out of this when all it is is just topless bishies swimming (although evidently you haven’t been watching the anime if that’s the case), HOLD IT. There is a female character. 2 female characters in fact. well, okay, they are just side characters, BUT THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING… Because I’m actually liking their characters just as much as the bishies. Kou, well… I think her reaction to seeing a topless Haruka wearing nothing but swimming trunks was the exact same to every other female (and maybe some boys too!) watching this show. That being said, I love how she is so caring for her brother. She seems so determined to change her brother Rin back to his normal self, even for the boys too.. So much that she is even going to become the manager of the club. I’m not making any predictions, but for any boys watching the anime merely for the storyline, don’t feel left out since I’m sure you’ll get to see our kawaii Kou in a swimsuit soon too… Although, she never struck me as a swimmer anyway. And then we also have our sweet and clumsy sensei-character Miho Amakata… Well, either way. It was sure interesting to hear a little more about her “interesting” past including swimming… Kind of. Although, if you’re so curious and nosy to find out, why don’t you go watch the episode yourself? And for some reason, she really reminds me of Mayaka from Hyouka.

I don’t really have much else to say about this episode, because I’d end up repeating myself, but I’ll just sum up my thoughts into a sentence (or two) about what I’m thinking so far:

I love it. And the bishies… And the swimming. This anime will be the death of me.

So now for the endless wait for the next Thursday to roll around again. I’m really hoping I get to learn more about characters like Makoto and Nagisa, rather than giving people like Haruka and Rin the limelight. I have a feeling we’ll be able to peep in on their interesting rivalry and friendship soon enough, but for now, it seems like the others are just hiding away and we don’t know much at all about them. And I want to see more of this competitive swimming, you know, rather than the messing about in the pool swimming.

But hey. I mean at least Haruka’s happy after they all managed to clean up the pool so he gets to swim, regardless over whether it’s too cold (and I swear, one day that boy is going to rip off his trousers and he won’t be wearing any swimming trunks underneath), and hey! What about glasses bishie?! Where is he supposed to come in?!

Come on, Iwatobi (High School) Swimming Club! Make us proud, and let’s hope this turns out to be a wonderful anime. :3


3 thoughts on “Free! Episode 2

  1. Did I not understand what you said or you wrote that Rin won the race because Haruka let him? Are you talking about the race that they started at the end of episode 1? Because if that’s so, from how I saw it, haruka didn’t let him win, but Rin won because – I think they said his height gave him a slight advantage when turning, and because he had stronger legs (after all he trained in competitive swimming all along while Haru probably didn’t have many opportunities to strenghten his legs) and that gave him a big advantage when they turned last time.
    The glasses bishie, Rei,is going to to appear again in the next episode (you probably saw him in this one when they were searching for club members, and in the preview for the next episode). i’m going how they will convice him to join their club instead of track and field.
    This anime is really nice because I find it very likeable. I usually don’t like female characters that easily because they’re noisy and excessively ‘moe’ but I like the ones here!

    • No, that’s what they thought at the time. Perhaps afterwards when Makoto and Nagisa asked Haruka about it, they realised he actually let him win… That’s WHY Rin was so angry because he said he could never beat Haruka, and when he did, Haruka let him win. ^^”
      Yes, I assumed he would do! They wouldn’t just let him pop up randomly half way through the whole anime, but I’m excited to learn more about the mysterious Rei, eheh~! And yeah, I’m enjoying it too, it’s really charming, because well… It’s Kyo-Ani, and that’s what they’re great at. ^^” But no, I wouldn’t generalize all female characters being like that. Not all of them are at all. Perhaps the anime you watch you find that most of them are like that, but honest I never find that’s the case. You could generalize all male characters in that way too… You can’t say all of them are, noisy and moe, to be honest.

      • Hm, is that so? Then I have to watch the episode again and pay more attention haha (I think Free is one of the few anime I can actually watch more than once every week)
        Yes, Rei could appear that late only if he was some kind of rival or something, as the anime doesn’t have its main focus on creating the club, they probably won’t take much time with getting him in the club.
        Of course they are not all like that! Actually I said what type I don’t like most but I didn’t quite phrase it well =_= It became offensive. Though I tend to see them mostly done ‘cutely’-even the ones supposed to be tomboys- but I watch any kind of anime, an all female character lineup doesn’t scare me away.. I’m also pretty much dead for them bishonens and their voices so I don’t pay much attention to the girls and don’t really care about them; that’s why when I actually like any of them I think that they’re good/well done characters hahaha

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