Hunter x Hunter Episode 88

Rock-Paper-Scissors x And x Weakness


dooofI’m pretty sure any birth becomes a whole lot more awesome when it’s accompanied by a sick violin solo.

And so we reach that point once again in this show where we’re on the precipice of developments. The different threads which have been placed are slowly but surely reaching a crossing point, multiple perspectives advanced with every released episode. There’s a creeping suspicion that the next big event is approaching from the horizon, and while we helplessly wait for that moment to come, we’ve got another joyful session of Hunter x Hunter to go through.

An aspect which didn’t take long at all to reveal though, was the nature of one Shoot McMahon. Considering how all of those attempting to join the NGL seem to have some sort of weakness which prevents them from taking part, I was expecting this episode to largely deal with him, as the last did with Knuckle. Oh boy, how wrong I was. C’mon Shoot! To join a mission, you’ve gotta at least be able to carry out your own mission! Particularly when your targets are a pair of exhausted kids! Even the narrator goes and calls him a coward (and you know he’s always right), while accompanied by a great moment in the music. But what’s best of all is that the scene says a whole lot about Shoot with just a minute or two of screen time. It doesn’t dwell on him excessively, while still giving an appropriate amount of screen time to get us interested in the guy.

And so the guy doesn’t show up for the rest of the episode.

Which is basically how the episode here works. Many smaller scenes which help set the foundation for what’s to come. For immediate brick laying, we have Gon and Killua finishing up the first phase of their training, prepping up to finally take on Knuckle for real. But more importantly, this is a sign of them facing the weaknesses which prevent them from heading to NGL. Gon’s weakness seems straightforward enough, a good part of it being two faults in his technique. I can only imagine one of them is the absurd time it takes for him to gather the energy he needs to make his attack effective. Regardless, it’s a physical hurdle he needs to surpass here, and one I don’t doubt he’ll be able to surpass. Now, on the mental side of the equation we have Killua, who judging from his history, should likely face his tendency to run from uncertain situations, a problem which has cause him mental turmoil on multiple occasions. For the mission to exterminate the Chimera Ants, there’s absolutely no place for running away. That could needlessly risk the lives of everybody involved, Gon in particular.

On the other hand we have the punitive forces continued efforts in NGL, as Chairman Netero begins to get into the swing of things. As expected, his playful attitude from the previous episodes was just that – this man is strong, stronger than nearly anybody else. As it should be, as the Chimera Ants themselves are proving to be ever more menacing. And I’m saying this without referring to the unborn King, but to the Royal Guard. Pitou has already proven to be exceedingly dangerous (excellent :3c), Pouf plays a mad violin, and with the birth of the final Royal Guard Youpi, we have a menacing trio right here. The Chairman’s words at the end of the episode foreshadow the inevitable clash, expressing his doubts that everybody involved will get out unscathed. And I’m prepared to see this in more ways than one – death may be but one sacrifice the soon to be full punitive force will have to go through.

But like. Let’s dial back a bit. Youpi’s birth scene. So freakin’ rad. From the violin solo from Pouf to the mad dance of Pitou’s puppet Kaito, this scene played out brilliantly. Pitou was already an immediate favorite of mine from his first appearance, but man, I just enjoy the progressive experimentation he has going one with Kaito’s body. It hits the right level of twisted that makes me excited for when Gon finally sees what Kaito has been reduced to. Pouf makes a great appeal with his performance, and Youpi enters the scene with an almost frightening single-mindedness. So really, in the other words, the entirety of the Royal Guard are showing the signs of an excellent group of antagonists. As it is? I can’t wait for them to cause some real strife.

The meat of the Chimera Ant arc is nearly here, it’s almost palpable.


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