Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! Episode 2

Since I’m Not Popular, I’ll See My Old Friend


Justin (1)I’m finding myself thinking how cute Kuroki is rather than cringing like I thought I would. Maybe it’s the direction, voice acting, something else or a combination of everything.

That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, though. Many people find her quite cute, but for me personally, I never read and enjoyed the manga because of how cute she was. I stayed for the cringe and the cringe alone. Each time she makes some progress she makes two steps backwards. She always has some misunderstanding(mostly sexual) about everything involved. Sometimes it can be endearing… other times? Not so much.

I mean, really, I guess she’s not crushing on any particular guy – she just wants to get a boyfriend. Usually girls who do this are destined to fail. Not fail as in fail getting a boyfriend, but fail as in finding a stable relationship you’ll be happy in…. Unless of course that’s not what you’re looking for. Go for it if that, I guess. Whatever knocks you out.

I always thought it was cute in the manga when that guy drew her, even if it really was nothing special. There’s something oddly heartwarming seeing someone so pathetic roll around on her bed in pure bliss. Hell, most of us pathetic anime fans can probably relate to her somewhat. At least Watamote is somewhat attempting to help us relate to the characters. Not in the same league as say… Welcome to the NHK, but it’s a start.

The highlight of this episode was probably when Kuroki asked her teacher for the picture the guy drew of her. Even if he literally draws everyone like that, it’s still endearing for her. Her face was just PURE happiness and it was pretty awesome to see. Even girls that are horribly depressed and lonely need to experience those kind of things. If anything, it’ll help her confidence.

Even if she hasn’t made much progress, her old middle school friend certainly has. It’s weird how much people can change in just a few years yet remain the exact same. I don’t even know what a moe pig show is but they’re totally right in pointing out most of the shows being made these days are generic SoL’s. Even though Naruse is now a totally different person (she even has a boyfriend) she’s one of the only people who Kuroki is comfortable being around.

The only thing I worry about is that in the manga the jokes became less and less cringe-worthy. Is this the best cringe Watamote has to offer? Well, we’ll have to see how the directors handle the coming material. So far it isn’t having the same effect on me as the manga did.

That’s not to sat that I don’t like the direction of the anime. It is strangely following the manga pretty closely but has its own way of doing it. Some people may not like the changes or find the main character uncomfortable, but I disagree. I think it’s pretty entertaining, cringe-worthy, endearing and hearwarming all in one – even if there’s less cringe than I anticipated. Speaking of which, I need to go read the latest chapter ^_^.


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