Free! Episode 3

Theoretical Dolphin Kick

Free episode 3

meeeFinally the search is over for our missing club member… But just who could it be? Such beautiful form, such mysterious looks and… such… “Remarkable” swimming.

(I apologize for the late post this week! I had been trying to write this since the episode came out with subs last Thursday, but the anime download site I used to use has been shut down I believe, so I’ve been trying to download from different places but no such luck, so I just had to stream the episode, but hopefully this won’t be a problem for any future episodes! Also there won’t be any posts for the next 2 weeks because I’m away (again) so I hope this won’t cause too much inconvenience… Try not to miss your daily dose of bishies too much, okay?)

So after a good start to the beginning and opening of the Iwatobi Swim Club, the boys and.. Gou/Kou encountered yet more problems to face. Why is it so difficult to set a school club up in Japan? Either way, what with our poor Haru suffering from a cold after swimming in the outside pool during April, the boys and Kou deem it a good idea to try and open up an inside swimming pool instead, so then they can swim all year round. Although, I find it so surprising how dedicated they all are to their swim club and how schools would be willing to spend so much money for something like this which will barely be used by none other but Haru. But I guess I like seeing their determination and that if they didn’t, we wouldn’t be able to see their tournaments and competitive side of swimming. So anyway, we are finally introduced to our missing bishie this episode! Ryugazaki Rei… Although we can just call him Rei-chan for short.

I’m not sure why Nagisa is so fascinated by him in the first place, but this is our lighthearted and fun-loving Nagisa so… Anything goes. Haru is desperate and constantly being taunted by the thought of going swimming. Whilst this episode is NOT so much focused on the fanservice (yet Kou still seems to be enjoying herself, and ehe, I really like seeing her reactions: I think they perfectly describe how most of us are feeling when we watch Free),  I’m glad that the story is beginning to shape up a bit, although I will be thoroughly disappointed if the whole plot is just based on getting the indoor swimming pool, although I highly doubt that and we’ll hopefully see a bit more of rivalry and the friendship blooming back with Haru and Rin, or SOMETHING happening between those two!

So anyway, it just so turns out Kou is also very determined into reuniting the Iwatobi swim club with Rin once again (who has now joined the Samezuka swim club, you know, with the guy with the red hair who totally fancies Kou but she never notices him… eheh, I already like those two as a pairing), and it’s kinda sad seeing Rin in the way he is now, so cold and harsh even to his friends he hasn’t seen in so long, and the fact that the sole reason they split apart was also because of swimming: the thing they all share in common and the thing they love the most. I mean, the only reason they’re recruiting Rei-chan into the swim club so they can go to their shared practice and then to enter tournaments so they can get the indoor swimming pool, so technically they’re just using poor little Rei who… We soon discover, cannot swim. And the only reason Nagisa is so adamant on Rei is because he has a girly name just like all the others (and in Kou or… Gou’s case, a boyish name for a girl) and Gou is taking a shine to him because of his magnificent biceps and muscles and all the rest. And trust me, I wouldn’t want to come between the swim club and their precious member, because their determination can overcome all (and this is Kyo-Ani so…) and… Well, Haru’s strength alone for his precious swimming pool so he can swim whenever he likes. It’s almost like they’re a married couple, geez. But the thing is they don’t care about the effort and all the precise calculations Rei works out to get the “perfect form”, which seems far more important and it looks like he could be a strong team member, but I have a feeling that next week’s episode will be… A lot of hard work, for Haru and the rest of the club to teach Rei to swim. Hopefully someday they’ll get that swimming pool…


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