First Impressions: Uchoten Kazoku

Uchoten Kazoku


AlexIn Kyoto, there are three kinds of residents: humans, tanuki, and tengu. The premise isn’t much, but this show knocked the competition out the way for the best first episode that i’ve seen. Even though it came with unimpressive art and a musical score that’s not exactly top notch.

I love characters, and this show showed us a cast of characters that actually looked like they were already developed. It dropped us into the story halfway, but the story was amazingly easy to follow. The main character is incredibly likable, and actually pretty downright funny, mostly because it manages to capture that sense of mischief that we’ve associated with tanuki’s over the all the folklore and legends which are delivered to us.

Then there’s the other characters, and even though I havn’t seen very much of them yet, there’s easily more than enough for me to get impressed by. The professor and his “love interest” had amazingly interesting personalities and the glimpses of their lives which we caught were both fascinating and amusing. If I had the spare time this season, i’d easily blog this show.


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