Gatchaman Crowds Episode 6

Episode 06

Rui is breaking the kawaii scale after receiving a negative 2 for her disgusting attitude. On the other hand, Hajime and Utsutsu are soooo cute ;-;

Another damn fine episode of Gatchaman is over and although I’m not entirely sure where the plot is going I understand what has happened and I’m very much liking it. I see a lot of people saying the direction of this is terrible but I really have to disagree. I’d give my reasons but this is a blog post not a forum debate and I have to finish this quick to catch my train to I just wanna play some games..-ville.. city. Anyway I’ll start us off with the typical “we pick up where we left off” line and say, well, we pick up where we left off during the tunnel incident, and Hajime is being yet again, the most ballsy girl ever. However! I’m going to take my huge bias of a spotlight away from Hajime for just a tiny sentence or two and say Utsutsu is so adorable. From what I gathered, her healing hand heals but has to drain health from her to do so. But it can also drain health from people she’s touching with her “death” hand. I guess that hand drains health rather than giving it. So with some good development she’ll be on her way to sob story of the season.

Forget that though, Hajime is where this show wins all the hearts. As you know, she went all Gatcha and it turns out Rui can see them even with amnesia effect in play. I don’t know why and I don’t care it’s a God damn anime I’ll just enjoy it. Regardless, Hajime just gives a big screw you to the rules and society and not only shows her Gatcha self by removing amnesia effect, but also shows her actual face infront of CCTV cameras. So now everyone knows she’s a Gatchaman. You can imagine Paiman and eyebrows are already soiling themselves. So of course everyone is going all craycray and it’s like for once nobody is questioning the existence and just believing it so that’s like, a start. At least Gatchaman are known to be cute. Rui can go jump off a bridge though, saying she’ll take advantage of the Gatchamen. Pssh, please.

What I really enjoy is how laid back Hajime is about the whole thing. She just doesn’t care at all. Paiman is raging like the world is over begging JJ to punish her but y’know that ain’t happening. Hajime does care about Utsutsu though, and cheers her up by cutting her own skirt to make her a present. I almost cried. Then we get to the really long scene which feels like it goes on for half the episode. This is Gatchaman’s only flaw. Well it’d be a flaw if I didn’t like it but I don’t really mind so hey no flaws! I’m kinda starting to hate GALAX though. All these GALAXters helping Hajime away from the press to escape, only to meet up with Rui. Then suddenly, the biggest derp of the century Rui, asks them to stop being Gatchaman. Hell no. She says she’s their friend, then asks that. Disappointing. I think I hate her. Luckily, eyebrows doesn’t trust her, and neither does Hajime. Utsutsu is Utsutsu, and well, the rest didn’t get much time.

Oh yeah Rui is a guy in case nobody caught on.


2 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds Episode 6

    • Sorry, we’ve just been undergoing some…adjustments? We’ve had a bit of a shake-up in the team lately, and I think it ruined a lot of team morale.

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