Meepinganime Progress Update


Yo, Alex here! I figured it’s about time to give this place a progress update, explain what’s going on and explain what you can expect from us in the future (if anyone’s left around here…)

The biggest chance for us, and in no uncertain ratio, the biggest chance for the site is the loss of our proper leader, Mimi. Very recently, she was involved in a horrible car accident, and is looking to be facing a very long time in rehab center. Without her being around to keep the team morale up and motivate everyone, I sort of might have stopped managing the team and let them just do whatever they feel like. I don’t know what their reasons are, but mine are pretty much entirely focused around my new university course and the circumstances surrounding Mimi.

Without being aware of what the rest of the group is doing, I asked around, and what I do know is that almost everyone will step away from episodic blogging, with the exceptions being Doofus at a bi-weekly rate, myself trying to continue as things sued to be, and Kryn at a currently uncertain rate. They’ve all got unique circumstances going on, and i’m sure that we all wish them the best with it.

To get the point, basically, until things change in the not so distant future, it’s most likely going to be just me on the episodic blogging, and even then, it might not be weekly. It might be fortnightly, or not…it honestly all depends on how well it can fit around my university schedule. But at the very least, expect some reviews to circulate this site within the next few weeks.


6 thoughts on “Meepinganime Progress Update

  1. Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that I went on vacation during the last month of summer and am currently in school, though no one is leaving the blog. Perhaps our schedule may be a little weirder at times but expect posts to come back in the following weeks ^^ And let’s all give Mimi our best wishes for a full recovery.

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