Review: Rozen Maiden (2013)

Rozen Maiden Season 3


AlexRozen Maiden’s new series is strange as all living hell, because the first episode was this vague recap that wasn’t a recap. It covered the entirety of the first two seasons, which had those really strange moments and really strange characters which I wasn’t sure if I liked or not. However, starting from the second episode, it blows the plot and the setting away into a completely alternate reality/retelling that I think I’ve ever seen.

The first two seasons, focused very strongly on Jun during his younger years, and when he was a brat and a shut in. This season shows him when he’s a grown up, holding down a job and working at graduating university.  Where this differs is that this then goes into an incredibly detailed character study of the adult Jun and a temporary version of Shinku during their lives, and as they’re working together to stop the youngest sister from taking over the Alice Game.

Considering how spoiler-heavy the story is, since it transforms from a character study into a deconstruction-esque take on the original Rozen Maiden around the halfway point, I won’t go very much detail on this at all. Needless to say that it’s incredibly well detailed, and incredibly good…for lack of anything better to say. Being out of practice with this reviewing thing is starting to bug me when it comes to writing this.

Any fans of Rozen Maiden have been delivered a big shiny treat in the package of an absolutely amazing story, some very powerful writing, an exceptional soundtrack and very talented writing. It had a lot to compete with this season, but it held it’s own against some very big series and titles. It utilized the fact that it’s audience has grown up perfectly and aimed the show at a more adult audience, and this suited the very idea of Rozen Maiden perfectly.

Even if you’re not a fan of Rozen Maiden, and even if you haven’t seen the first two seasons, i’d recommend very heavily that you watch the show. The recap during the first episode may confuse and baffle you, but in the long run, it covers everything and mentions everything in all the detail that you’d need to be able to enjoy this. It’s absolutely amazing, and easily the best thing that’s aired in this last season. (since technically, the sisters part of Railgun S was over)



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