Progress Update and Some Thoughts (Updated 3rd November!)


3rd November – Figured it’s best to re-use this post than make a new one. A few things have changed a lot around the site, and that’s mostly that I think that we might see more activity here. Kryn’s taking over the role that’s been left be Dusk’s recent resignation (no length walls of text! n.n) and is the new co-leader of the site, and we’re all pleased to welcome back Kieran onto the team! Doofus  has left the anime aspect of things to go onto the manga side of the site, so come back in a week or two and you should see some length progress in that department.

For obvious reasons, the old post is found after the jump.

Well, I haven’t even started, and I realized something: I can’t do this on my own. This season’s two weeks in, I’ve gotten my first assignments from university and have barely any time to myself, and it just so happens that apparently almost everything is worth watching for some reason or another….even Little Busters. Although that’s just because I’ve read the VN now, but hey…it’s a perfect example of why i’m watching almost everything.The gods of fate don’t feel like being kind to me ;~;

Because of this, I came to the conclusion that sticking to the format that we’ve had since the beginning just won’t work…and I needed to change it somehow. The conclusion I came to was to create a new category, a place where I wouldn’t need to think hard about what i’m writing or anything, just write it in my notepad as i’m watching and type it up later. I’m going to call it “Some Thoughts”, and it’ll be a section where I write about episodes at a time of different shows. It gives me some freedom in my schedule – I can write about 2 or 4 episodes at once one week, and just 1 the next time I have a chance. It really isn’t ideal for everyone, but like I said…i’m doing it on my own for the first time since the blog started, so bare with me whilst things work out? ^^ I’ll include a little summary at the top of all the new posts for a while if people don’t spot this, but it’s what i’ll do from here on out.

It should be similar to what you’re used to, but it’ll just be less formatted and more brisk, shorter and more to the point, or just a musing of what I thought whilst watching things. I always wanted to try to be different to other blogs, and this seems to be a perfect way to get there. I’m willing to be honest – if you want an in-depth analysis of the show you wouldn’t come here more often than not anyway :L


3 thoughts on “Progress Update and Some Thoughts (Updated 3rd November!)

  1. Good luck with all that comes your way.
    I understand that life is not particularly fair in all of its dealings. Therefore, do your best and I’m sure that everyone will appreciate that you have tried.

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