Some Thoughts – Golden Time Episodes 1 and 2

AlexWell, since there’s just so much out this season that I want to watch, i’m going to talk about it like this, where I cover groups of episodes at the same time when I can find the time to watch them all. It’s not the best format to do this in, but considering i’m largely on my own now, this is the easiest way for me to manage. Sorry if you don’t like it… ^^

Springtime & Lonely Girl


I mean, I didn’t know what to expect from this series when I first heard about it, but it actually turned out to be pretty good. I don’t know if i’d christen it as funny just yet, but it’s easily got more than enough that’s worth watching here…especially as it’s actually a pretty funny example of what university life is like.

See, I’ve started my first term at university, and my life is now a lot like this, and the one line “club recruitment is a war zone” makes me laugh based on just how true it is. I don’t have a friend who’s a complete whirlwind or chaotic, but that’s because i’m the mad, chaotic person who drags everyone along at my own whims.

If I could draw anything from this episode, it’s the ridiculous comparisons between myself and the main heroine. The only difference between us is that i’m not a stalker (at this point), but on a personal level, this show works miles for me right now. It’s not funny yet, but it’s get more than enough materials to be funny, and failing that, it’s got more than enough to get along as a slice-of-life/drama kind of show. It’s got a pretty interesting line on things with the unique romance, and the strange club choice (you don’t often see things like the film club being used). It’s easily something i’ll keep an eye on.


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