Some Thoughts – Golden Time Episodes 3 and 4

Nightscape & Blackout


AlexI was looking up what other people thought of this show the other day, and I noticed that it’s scheduled at 2-cour. If this is true then it’s quite something, since…well, it’ll actually give everyone proper time to finish their story and stuff.

This week shows off the first experience with Kaga and Tada together, and…well, it doesn’t go well. The duo ends up getting spun into a cult that’s recruiting when they were looking for a club Kaga can belong to.

This and that, and the whole religious experience leads us to find out a lot more about our main character, and figuring out a bit more about Tada and his motivations – and his incredible unselfishness. A bit of comedy and flash development later, and the duo ends up running away from the cult in the dead of night. The guy and girl lost in the forest is a bit of a cliche for a romantic intervention. Yet instead of seizing the chance of romance between the duo, the chance for development on the two is taken.

Koko moves from being a slightly obsessive stalker to a girl who’s just smitten and lost without Mitsuo, and Tada moves from being a regular idiot to a guy who’s lost all his memories and doesn’t know what he should be doing. It’s nice to take a break from the comedy to focus on the actual characters, and that’s what happened this time. Just begs the question of it’s a trend that’ll continue…

And the basic answer is that it doesn’t look like there’s been a major turn on the surface. Koko ‘attacks’ Mitsuo for talking to a girl the moment she appears because she’s still obsessive and a stalker. It’s probably best this way, especially since this series IS 2-cour, and if everyone changes too quickly it would just feel strange. It was the first time that we saw Mitsuo get properly cross with Koko, but it doesn’t last very long as we fall back into the swing of clubs and the manic recruitment.

Tada’s smitten over the festival club, but Koko’s still hung up on Mitsuo, and this gets evident with Koko disappearing for a week. That said, things go from bad to worse in Koko’s eyes, as she gets flat-out rejected by Mitsuo in favor of Chinami. It’s quite an interesting turn of events, but both Tada and Koko get a really interesting night of development together, which has unexpected results for Koko, but convinces Tada to go home and look up his old self – and finds out that he used to have a relationship with Linda. I know that this much drama can’t revolve around a regular person, but when it’s this entertaining…maybe it’s not a problem.


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