Some Thoughts – Nagi no Asukara Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4

Inbetween the Sea and the Land & The Chilly Desert & The Legend of the Sea & Because We’re Friends


AlexWell, it’s pretty and has a pretty interesting idea behind the setting. But around two minutes into the first episode and i’ve decided that I don’t like the main character…i’m not sure if it’s a good start or not.

In this setting, it looks like people live underneath the water, and some people live above the water. The whole series starts up with a quadrio of characters moving to a school on the surface. However, one of the surface people physically fished up one of our main characters, and for some sort of folklore-ish reason, that causes strife and upset. There’s a significant reason behind someone getting reeled up by fishers, and i’m going to guess that it’s related to the land/sea split in the people too.

At any rate, speculation aside, the main character is really unlikable. He’s standoffish and grumpy, and a douche to everyone he knows. There’s a lot of stuff that I don’t really understand at this point, but it seems like it’s just setting up romance between the cast of characters, which isn’t helped by the not-so subtle hint that it’s “mating season”.

The second episode goes into a little more detail about the culture divide and split, and how that the people of the sea have to leave if they love someone on the surface. It’s a large selection of culture and fantasy, but there’s plenty of proper romance and feelings going on, along with the really annoying main character being a spoilt kid about romance.

I still don’t particularly get all of the folklore and customs, but at this point I know enough to keep up with what’s going on, and know enough to know that Manaka is doing something that’s forbidden by village law.

Episode 3 is about the relationship between Akari (MC’s sister) and a lover that she’s got on the surface, and if it’s okay or not. It also serves as the straw that’s needed between the sea-dwellers and Kiihara. Episode 4 has a different aim at first, and shows how the sea-dwellers are generally unliked and misunderstood by people, and that they don’t really get along with their classmates. However, even all of this is linked to Akari and her problems.

I mean, Hikari does get a little bit of development here, but he’s still amazingly unlikable. Though everything else that’s going on, along with the length of the show and the supernatural vibes that run through it are more than enough to keep watching, in my opinion.

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