Some Thoughts – Golden Time Episode 5

Body and Soul


AlexMeanwhile, as a ghost…the very idea of this is creepy and bizarre, but this is how the episode starts off.

The ghost of Banri, the person who has all his memories, is watching over the amnesiac one as much as it’s possible. At the same time, Banri’s getting friend-zoned by Kaga almost straight afterwards. It’s not a very good day for him.

Truth be told, I have no idea if I could face Linda again, but i’ll imagine it’s Kaga’s drive to get over being rejected that makes it possible to face her again at first. On the topic of the festival club, the image of Kaga doing the robot is priceless.

The cure for every female out there is chocolate…and that’s true for Kaga as well, as all she needs to get over her embarrassment at the festival club is a chocolate drink with cream and caramel. However, these conversations turn to Linda some more. The pacing may be getting a little fast, but i’ll imagine that there’s a lot of ground to cover. Banri’s ghost is a very odd thing, and I suspect it’s tied into why Linda won’t say anything about how she knew Banri.

It’s really interesting how the characters don’t mess around, and how the drama all hits home to a solid and continuous pace and positioning, but I do I just hope it’ll slow down soon – it’s a little bit like the show has forgotten that it’s got 2-cours to do things with.


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