Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Episodes 3 and 4

I Still Believe & Eating Delicious Stuff Solves Most Problems


SAlextarting the episode with Raetsal transferring to the school. I don’t know if this was a trigger or not, but all of this leads to Jin getting his memories back…or at least, someone dressing up as Jin to try to shake Kaito.

All of this begs quite an important question, though. Is Raetsel an enemy, or not? She seems just as annoyed and angry as everyone else at how these people are ruining Jin’s name, but…well, there’s something else going on with that girl.

In the second episode, we find out something quite important. When Kaito and Rook left Jin, and Jin found Raetsel, Jin ended up in numerous fools puzzles – the ones which try to kill people and butcher people. This is why he hates puzzles…or at least, according to Raetsel.

However, we clearly can’t reveal too much this episode, as the wizard of numbers confronts Cubic with an abstract number based puzzle. However, back with Kaito, Raetsel, Jin and Nonoha, the voice of reason in Nonoha speaks up to the two who are bickering over who the true Jin used to be. However, is bringing Jin to a puzzle that’s trying to burn people alive a good idea?

The mystery is thickening even more as the flaming puzzle seems to have triggered something inside of Jin. However, it depends on what happens in future episodes on how this season works out. After all, Rook and Kaito were the two with Jin, but it’s just been Kaito so far. And please don’t make Raetsal a tragic heroine who needs saving…again.


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