Some Thoughts – Kill la Kill Episodes 4 & 5.

Dawn of a Miserable Morning, & Hikigane.

Since this is my first post in the new format I wanted to take a few lines up to say just how happy I am that nothing about my writing will change. What was the old format anyway? That’s all unimportant garbage now, what really matters is content and this content will blow you away. Or possibly just leave you, well, content with it.

Kill la Kill is probably my favourite show so far this season. It’s so unpredictable and crazy, and doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It’s just constant action and comedy, going from one scene to the next without trying to over-complicate things or throw complex plot at you. Episode 4 pretty much sums up Kill la Kill, and even though it isn’t episodic, this one sort of makes it seem like it would be. I don’t know whether it was filler or not, but it was a great episode regardless. It’s “no-late day” and all the students have 3 hours to get to school (past 1000 checkpoints of potential death), or they’re expelled. So needless to say we follow Ryuuko and Mako as they try to get there on time. Coincidentally, when Ryuuko needs Senketsu the most.. she doesn’t have him. So you can imagine it’s not as easy as you thought it would be for her.

Even if this episode was ever close to boring, Mako would slap you through the screen and wake you up from that boredom. She’s hilarious. Everything she does is so out of place and jumpy, and her speeches are amazing. You can guess that I loved this episode, but episode 5 still managed to beat it. It starts off with a new character who seems to be hunting down Ryuuko, and then randomly after the opening finishes, Mako is being kidnapped by someone else. No pacing, so much greatness. So this episode seems to be pretty important, the new guy who I’m going to dub “needle gun guy” is apparently against life fiber clothes. He gets a bit annoying with his constant “Let me tell you two important things” or whatever he said like 10 times in this episode though. It’s all very emotional though. Ryuuko is pinned and is about to die so Senketsu jumps right off of her body to save her. I cry every time, this is true friendship. Needle gun guy is about to dispose of Senketsu when OH BOY Mako comes in and prods him with a broom before giving the best damn speech in the world. You will never get a chance to hear someone defend a girl who’s only friend is an article of clothing, and use that as a turning point from life or death. Yup, I love it. The deep scene between Senketsu and Ryuuko was brilliant. It was so ridiculous yet it played out amazingly.


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