Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 2

My Umbrella is Missing


Diableos So the first episode made me feel like a big kid. This episode further strengthens that feeling and makes me want to put on a costume, fight some crime, and be downright cheesy.

Besides the few cheesy scenes that give a good laugh, I can’t say all that much happened in this episode. It seemed to focus more on Hazama’s life, how he copes with his ill-tempered manager, and keeping the Samurai Flamenco identity alive as well as keeping it secret. I wouldn’t say that’s a bad thing at all, I’m probably just expecting a lot of action too early. Judging by what I’ve seen in this episode, I doubt that there will be too much action overall. Of course, it is very difficult to say for certain at the start of the show, though. My bet is there will be an increase in cheese, while maintaining the serious nature of it all. While cheesy, this episode held some nice messages about a few minor crimes in life that are often ignored. The main example is how people often steal umbrellas (as you might expect from the title) just because somebody else took theirs, and they’re only concerned with keeping themselves dry. Littering and taking out the trash early were points also mentioned in this episode, and I feel good about it. I sincerely hope this show keeps adding in messages that very much apply to the real world. It’s nice to see Hazama doing his best to put an end to these crimes, and he’s the reason I want to go out and stop them myself.

I also admire how passionate Hazama is about his superhero gig, especially because he is trying to stop these often overlooked problems that exist. Both the entertainment and humour come from how he goes about handling these situations and it’s clear he has a long way to go before becoming a professional. I find it enjoyable to see a hero starting from the beginning and working their way up. His inexperience has made several silly and awkward situations and misunderstandings, and I feel like this is where the cheesiness is going to shine. Hopefully Hazama will have to handle many more serious situations in the future, although I have a feeling there won’t be many real threats, if any at all. Part of me wants that to be the case, simply because the interactions between him and Gotou are easily some of the best parts so far.

I’m starting to feel sorry for Gotou, though. Hazama manages to make him feel slightly awkward in conversations and I’m sure that’s going to remain constant throughout the show. I’m going to be incredibly happy if it does. I love their dialogue, and it is due to Hazama’s inexperience. It even made for a somewhat silly scene when Maya Mari and the other two girls from the ending made an appearance. However, speaking of those girls, I don’t know if I like them all that much. It’s very obvious they’re going to play an important part in the show, but I have a sinking feeling one or two of them may become irritating. Even so, I’m sure at least one of them will fit in nicely alongside Hazama and that silly child part of me is praying for more stupid things to happen.

What can I say? I feel great that this show is taking me back a few years. I’m sure some people won’t really enjoy those parts of the show, but they’re just so charming to me. You can’t help but feel good during them. Now if only I could remember where I put the plans for that superhero outfit…


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