Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 3, 4, and 5

Flamenco vs. Fake Flamenco, Idol Devastation, and The Meaning of Justice


Diableos I’ll be writing about all three episodes this time around. I need to catch up on them, but I’ll still be writing my thoughts on an episode immediately after I watch it. Everything will be fresh in my mind that way and you’ll read my reactions to each episode individually. Effectively this is merging three posts into one so I can get myself up to speed.

With that sorted, let’s get started with the third episode. First, I just need to say that I really liked this episode. It just felt very enjoyable and pleasant to me. It delivered a couple of cheesy action scenes, if you could really call them that, and they make you smile. One of them introduced the newest character, Kaname Joji, who is the one pretending to be Samurai Flamenco. Personally, I don’t know how the people in this show didn’t realise Joji was a fake. There’s a clear difference in body builds between him and Hazama. It was fairly annoying to me, but thankfully Joji doesn’t keep the façade up for too long. He actually seems like a very promising character and I’m expecting a lot from him. I doubt he will be as entertaining as the interactions between Hazama and Gotou, who unfortunately didn’t receive much screentime in this episode, but he is a nice addition to the group. I do wonder if Gotou will do anything to truly integrate himself into the group, considering all he’s doing right now is being pulled into it. I would love to see Gotou become a hero himself. There was also a brief appearance by Mari, which has left me very curious as to when she’s going to join the guys in their group for good. Hopefully a group expansion will come sooner than later. Perhaps in one of the next two episodes.

While I enjoyed episode three, I’m not entirely sure if I enjoyed episode four as much. I’m not saying it was bad. The episode probably is better in most ways. I loved the start of it. It’s great to see Hazama’s skills steadily improving, and while Joji was only present during the start of the episode, he didn’t disappoint me. Gotou had a larger role in this episode, for which I am glad and he also did not disappoint. However, even though I liked the characters and most of the episode, there was something I was disappointed by. That something is that I, for the most part, predicted Mari’s arrival in this episode (as Flamenco Girl), and had a feeling she or the other two girls could become irritating. Don’t get me wrong, she seems to pull off the Flamenco Girl persona very well… although I’m not entirely sure if that’s a good thing. She clearly wants to fight crime just like Hazama, which is nice, but there’s a key difference between them. That being the way Mari handles crime. Her methods are very questionable, but I won’t label her as a bad character. Yet. She had a rocky start to her superhero career, but Hazama did as well. Hopefully she will learn to control herself and improve in time. The show has been great thus far, but I feel as if Mari is  born to be a sidekick, so I want that to be the case.

Where do I begin with episode five? I suppose I should say that Mari was annoying in this episode as well, but that’s my opinion. I’m sure that many people will be very fond of her, but I just can’t seem to like her at the minute. I have a feeling she will develop during the series, but right now, she’s my least favourite character. I also disliked the slight fan service in this episode. I wouldn’t say it was anything major, but I didn’t care for it either. Besides Mari, I thought the episode was really good. It was actually touching due to Hazama and Gotou. Hazama began to realise that superheroes aren’t as amazing as they’re made out to be, yet a gift from his grandfather seemed to re-inspire him and helped him develop a backbone. Samurai Flamenco was created for him, and Hazama found all of this out at exactly the right moment. He’s no longer letting Mari threaten him, and it’s great. I really want Hazama to be on top of everything and to keep on pushing himself forwards. Gotou, however, has had some difficulties with his girlfriend. He’s in a long-distance relationship and the recent events have been putting some strain on it and his life. I feel bad for both of them. So many things are happening in their lives. I’m somewhat worried that something awful is going to happen. It would most likely be very interesting and keep me watching, but I certainly don’t want to see either of them suffering. I have high hopes for Samurai Flamenco, and the show hasn’t failed to deliver.

Even though the show has entertained me so far, Mari has been the only real disappoint me and I am still quite worried she’s only going to get worse. As I said, I do feel like she’s going to develop and improve later, but she just feels like a nuisance right now. I hope no other characters turn into a nuisance, because I do like the others so far. Hazama and Gotou are still my favourite two, which is to be expected as they are the two main characters. I really sympathize with Gotou and Hazama inspires me in a way. I really want to make my very own costume and fight crime. That inner-child is really pushing me to do it. I feel like this show just gets better every time. I eagerly await the next episode and I’m trying to imagine where the series will go next. Part of me hopes Samurai Flamenco will get his own TV show, although I doubt Hazama will star in it even if it happens. Whatever is planned, I hope it’s exciting, and I really hope there aren’t any big hiccups along the way.


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