Some Thoughts: Galilei Donna Episodes 1, 2, 3 and 4

Galileo DNA & Messier & Goldfish Life & Snow Gift



I honestly had no idea what to expect when going into Galilei Donna – but mostly because what I found out about it was incredibly vague and unhelpful.

The opening to this is a spaceship-type thing chasing a girl on a scooter, a law school university student being ill and attacked in the women’s room, and someone skipping school being attacked in the infirmary. The link? They’re all the Galilei sisters, descendants of the famous Galileo Galilei.

Things are pretty lively, especially when an Italian who claims to have overcome his weakness to woman and food blows a hole in the wall and holds everyone at gunpoint, asking for Galileo’s inheritance. As if that wasn’t enough, Hazuki – the eldest – stands up to him and lists reasons why he’s ridiculous, threatening to prosecute him…and when he tries to abduct them in a giant flying mecha, the youngest makes a goldfish-shaped airship came out the ground and fight.

To be honest, after this much, you either know that you’re going to love watching this because it’s so odd and out there, or it’s just not up your street, but for those who are still interested, let’s move onto the second episode, where the youngest, Hozuki, reveals that she’s the pilot of the goldfish mecha…and everyone’s really impressed that she’s been hiding an airship in the basement. However, the focus isn’t even on the fact that it’s an airship, but the fact that it’s shaped like a goldfish. When the police arrive, they point a gun at the family again, but this time manage to take them off and hold them in cells for an unknown reason.

Still following? Good. Now, Anna, the girl who rescued the eldest from her potential abductor, has the youngest with her promising to keep her safe, and it turns out that she’s a Galileo geek. She explains to Hazuki that the inheritance, the Galileo Tesoro, is a groundbreaking discovery and everyone’s after it. Even the person who let Sylvia (the mother) out of jail has motives for the Tesoro.

There’s loads of ridiculously funny scenes, like Anna dressing up as Hozuki and clobbering cops with pepper spray and a piece of word, telling them that their gun is too small, or the goldfish airship flying epicly off into the sunset. With Anna staying on-board the flying goldfish and Hazuki using a portable mecha to drop into the police center and rescue everyone in their family. After rescuing everyone, Hozuki swaps places with her dad, and the three sisters escape to the rooftop, where the newly christened Galileo (goldfish ship is cooler) is waiting.

The third episode starts off by talking a little bit about the villains and what they’ve done with Sylvia. They run a company called Adni Moon, the one targeted by sky pirates in the first episode. Much to Anna’s dismay, Hazuki isn’t interested in the Tesoro, though…and just wants to use the legal arm of the law against them. So Anna gives up on her and tries to get one of the other sisters to help her look, but Hozuki blows her off to get parts and Kazuki runs away from her. Poor Anna…but thankfully, when she manages to pin Hozuki down, she’s going to search for the inheritance.

Hazuki and Hozuki on-board with Anna’s idea to search, convincing Kauzki and going out to gather supplies for the journey is next on the list. However, partway through trying to get Kazuki on-board, the sisters find out that they’re number 1, 2 and 3 on the wanted list thanks to Adni Moon, which just adds to Kazuki’s problems. Hazuki is the smart one, however, who’s able to figure out very quickly that Hozuki’s just looking out for everyone. Yet there’s no time for angst, it’s time to reveal that the goldfish doesn’t have a reverse option when they get intercepted by Roberto Materazzi, the slick guy in a suit who likes to make paper swans.

It’s at moments which it’s the three sisters talking about if they should hand the sketch over or not that it becomes obvious how everyone’s in a different age group, and that they all interact differently. Thanks to a last minute save by the slick Italian, the three sisters escape from Materazzi…for now, anyway.

Decoding Galileo’s secret code, the group now heads off to Germany, where the next sketch is located. The sketch is in a ruin somewhere in a forest, but…well, upon landing at the location, the forest is now Germany’s version of a national park. Whoops.

Leaving Anna on the ship…is it a good idea or a bad idea? The autopilot fish records her fishing around as she’s constantly trying to get Hazuki and Hozuki off the ship. It’s quite clear that the girls don’t understand stealth and going undercover, and when the sky pirates discover them, Hazuki’s intellect and wildfire spark get them out of trouble…by throwing female underwear at them, knocking snowmen down a flight of stairs and slamming every button on a lift then running. However, trying to run away gets Hozuki hurt, which means it’s time for Kazuki to try to help, and this lets her get her feelings in order.

Hozuki out of action, Hazuki down with her, it’s up to Kazuki and Anna to repel the oncoming Black Ganymede, the flagship of the flamboyant Italian. So..have you ever seen a goldfish get angry and pull a machine gun out? Because that about summarizes when happens when the Galileo goes into Assault Mode, and with his infamous “I’ll be back, bambina! parting line, the flamboyant sky pirates glide away. The next sketch obtained, and Hozuki cured all thanks to Kazuki, it’s time for the goldfish to leave.

I went into this expecting nothing, and it’s come out with exactly what I love – a travelling series with strong, unique characters and a fascinatingly unique plot carrying the journey forward. It’s not a traditional journey-type anime, but it’s very well written, very well executed and a real delight to watch.

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