Some Thoughts – Golden Time Episode 6

Yes No


AlexIt’s an incredibly strange start, with that flashback of everything like that. However, I don’t know what I think of that scene…The old Banri seems to be amazing insecure in himself, as shown by how scared he is when talking to Linda, and as shown how he literally broke down when his name wasn’t on the t-shirt. Unusually, this is just so unlike the Banri of nowadays, save for one thing – the comparison between Koko and Linda was slightly supernaturally creepy.

I’m impressed that they managed to write in Koko’s “womanly intuition” perfectly, though, as she catches onto that there’s something going on with Banri and Linda, but thanks to Chinami’s annoying chirpy voice, she doesn’t get the time to voice her complaints. However, as Chinami’s party turns badly when Mitsuo decides that he’s going to confess, and with the ghouls next door getting Koko and Mitsuo as punishment for ruining the party, Koko gets drunk…and decides to go party at Banri’s place and badmouth Mitsuo.

Then something inside Banri snaps. He tells Koko that he just doesn’t want to be her friend anymore because she’s too obsessed with Mitsuo, and he starts to share a startling similarity to the Banri of old…and despite what Koko says, he actually walks off. I don’t know what snapped inside of him, but he actually has a go at Linda too when she tries to show concern…and finally tells her that he remembers.

Is it Linda’s fault that he was waiting at the bridge where he was hit? She’s been fighting this question the entire time, but her remark about his being a bomb…well, how did she know that he’d go off like that…? And why is Koko so terrified that if she doesn’t confess now she’ll lose Banri forever? With Banri in an incredibly unstable place right now and Koko suddenly confessing out of the blue, what is going on?

The drama suddenly ramped up dramatically and I don’t quite understand just why Banri suddenly exploded like that. However, I can’t put myself in the shoes of an amnesiac, but I can say that if I was filled up with stress like that, I would probably get fed up of all these niggling things and explode. The biggest problem for me is going to be how it works next episode – just yelling like that wouldn’t have solved all of problems, would it…?


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