Some Thoughts – Phi Brain: Kami No Puzzle 3 Episode 5

I Just Get that Feeling



Last week I was hoping that Rook would get himself involved…and this week, Rook says that he’s going to go and hunt for the answer with Kaito; who’s still pretty torn up about how Raetsel insists that her Jin is the only real Jin. With Rook putting in an appearance and running off with Kaito and Raestel together, everyone’s worries should be unfounded…shouldn’t they?

Rook’s opinion on the matter is actually quite a different take on things, as on the surface, it appears that he agrees entirely with what Raetsel’s saying – and as someone who’s been under the influence of the Orpheus Armband, he appears to be able to understand Jin a little better than Kaito can.

Rook’s found out that in the year away, Jin traveled the world trying to save people from Fool’s Puzzles whilst teaching children to love them. He was battling with his own uncertainty, an uncertainty that Rook wants to uncover…with the help of Raetsel. It’s incredibly refreshing to have Rook back in the main picture, mostly because of how he’s got such a different take on everything and a different opinion on everything that Kaito’s got…and ends up tackling the one Fool’s Puzzle that Jin was unable to solve to understand his feelings a little better.

It’s a very cruel puzzle, a puzzle riddled with hatred and fear. Just like Jin couldn’t, Raetsel couldn’t solve it on her own, and she’s put Rook in the puzzle to teach him something, and that is that it doesn’t have an obvious answer – on the surface, it’s unsolveable. However, he was the evil mastermind, and finding the evil trick in the puzzle. However, through solving the puzzle, he gets to find his answer – Jin may have lied to Raetsel about solving it, but Rook is now able to understand why puzzles are chains, and why they’re mirrors.

It goes without saying that this was easily the best episode so far, and almost everything there was influenced by Rook appearing. However, what is it that Raetsel lacks? I’m hoping that with such a big cast, everyone will get their turn to shine, as this episode showed that casting an alternative character onto the role of main, even for a one off, has amazing results.


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