Some Thoughts – Kill la Kill, Episodes 6 & 7

Don’t Toy With me on a Whim, & A Loser I Can’t Hate

How can there be such beauty, such delicacy, such bold and contentious views in such an unconventional anime. Kill la Kill is nothing but mere child’s play? No emotion nor story worth watching from your pretentious throne? This may not have the depth suitable for a critique such as yourself, but what it does have is moxie, and that’s something your favourite show will never even hope to achieve.

Ryuuko realises Aikurou is ‘working’ with the needle gun guy. Sort of, at least. Aikurou didn’t exactly want him to go after Ryuuko, but he did anyway. Aikurou tries to play off his lack of help given to Ryuuko by saying what happened allowed Senketsu and her bond to be stronger. Fair play, it was a touching scene and may have driven a tear down my cheek if it weren’t for Mako. If Ryuuko hadn’t almost died enough times, Uzu is coming after her now. One of the ‘elite four’. I’m thinking at this point that it’s way too early for one of the 3-star uniforms to be coming after her, and I was right in a way. Ryuuko is losing until she realises the enemies skill, naturally. She covers Uzu’s eyes, he’s rendered useless, and drops like a fly. The fight itself was pretty intense. I enjoyed watching it, but it all seemed too easy; and that it was. After Uzu’s humiliation, he decides to have his eyes sewn shut as a resolve. Bold move, even for a sleaze. This heightens his senses and allows him to predict Ryuuko’s moves indefinitely, leaving her with nothing but eventual death. It’s natural that Ryuuko isn’t going to die just yet, though. Uzu’s Goku uniform overheats, allowing Ryuuko to escape.

So, as I was saying; she isn’t ready for the elite four. We were teased into an easy victory, thinking Ryuuko was powerful enough to pose a threat to Satsuki, before being shut down completely. I’d like to assume when Ryuuko collects life fibre from the club leaders she defeats, her kamui becomes more powerful. It’s been implied that when she fights she becomes stronger, so I’m going to believe it’s the life fibre creating the strength.

Episode 7 begins, and Ryuuko decides it’ll be a good idea to start a fight club. She makes Mako the president, in hopes that if the club defeats other club leaders, it’ll be classed as activities and they’ll become successful, able to live in better conditions. The plan is a success! Ryuuko, Mako and her family are moved to the one star district. As it goes on, they’re eventually moved up to the two star district as well. So you’d assume everyone is happy, right? Well, when you’ve got a lot of money, things can change. They’re rich, live in a mansion, but they’re always busy. They don’t eat or spend time together any more. Mako has changed, and so has the rest of her family. You can tell Ryuuko has noticed and she isn’t exactly happy about it. Mako is constantly wanting to keep the family ‘happy’, deluded by the riches. Ryuuko becomes overworked with the club activities and eventually resigns from the club. However, this was Satsuki’s plan all along. To turn Mako against Ryuuko. Mako wants to keep her family in the two star district, and refuses to let Ryuuko resign. So Satsuki gives Mako her 2-star uniform and tells her to defeat Ryuuko in order to be elevated to a 3-star.

Friendship is unfortunately very often overcome by greed. While Mako attacks Ryuuko, she’s reluctant to fight back. In the end, Mako breaks down crying, and wonders why her family isn’t stopping her. She gives up her uniform and Ryuuko gains a victory over Satsuki. Mako had never unleashed her true power onto Ryuuko because at the end of the day, they’re friends. Best friends. It truly is beautiful. The whole family apologizes, and they go back to living in the no star district eating what looks like half rotten food, but the important thing is they’re happy. Now this is out of the way, it’s truly time for Ryuuko to start becoming strong enough to take down the elite four. I am slightly disappointed that Mako lost her uniform, though. All in all, both episodes were great. A lot of truths were revealed that can count towards the real world, and Ryuuko and Mako have probably earned each others full trust.


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