Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 6

Capture Samumenco!


Diableos It seems like this show is starting to ramp up a little more each episode. They all bring something new to the table and it’s always something good. Especially this episode. It brought something fantastic.

It brought some gadgets for Samurai Flamenco, and they’re awesome. Stationery gadgets at that, like his Samurai Tape Measure that he can use like a grappling hook. Being classed as stationery means they’re legal for Hazama to use, plus it’s just another cheesy thing this show added. Cheesy, but genius. It’s very nice to see Hazama progressing and seeing his whole costume upgrade. I can only hope his costume will become what we see in the opening with even better gadgets. Hazama received these stationery gadgets from the newest character, Jun Harazuka. It’s hard to say much about Harazuka at the minute, although I can say that I don’t quite trust him. Even so, if he’s willing to help Samurai Flamenco fight crime, he’s alright in my book.

Not only did Hazama shine in this episode, we were able to see more of Gotou! Any scene with Gotou is great, even the one with Mari in this episode. I feel bad that he had to put up with Mari’s flirting in this episode, but it was nice to see that he’s very loyal to his girlfriend and has no interest in Mari. It actually made me feel sympathetic for her, but I still find her quite annoying. Thankfully, Mizuki Misawa and Moe Morita (Mari’s two co-stars) were a little more active in this episode, and I think they actually work well with Mari. She made them into two more Flamenco Girls, and I feel like they actually counteract how irritating Mari can be, although I doubt that will last for too long. It’s also unfortunate to see Mari teaching them how she deals with crime. I really hope they change their ways in the future, because I’m not too interested in them at the minute. Working as a trio may actually turn out better than I expect, and I sure hope it does.

There’s always a chance the Flamenco Girls could end up being annoying, but I feel as though I could let that slide as the rest of the show is so entertaining. I would love them to become as entertaining as Hazama and Gotou in their own way, though. I also want to see more of Gotou in action, because it’s very clear he can hold his own. He had a brief but cool scene at the end of the episode to show that, and it was a great note to end it on. I loved the episode from start to finish. Certainly my favourite episode so far, and I’m curious to see if they will top it next time. If the next episode does in fact show Gotou jumping into the action I’m sure it could easily top this episode. I’d love to see him become Samurai Flamenco’s partner, yet I sadly don’t think it will happen. It’s a shame that it probably won’t. Hazama and Gotou make a wonderful pair already, so to see them actually fighting crime together would be stellar.


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