Some Thoughts – Samurai Flamenco Episode 8

Attack of the Army of Evil!


Diableos So it turns out that the end of the last episode wasn’t a dream or a staged event. I’m still rather confused as to why the show decided to take this turn of events, but it is somewhat interesting. I’m starting to believe we may eventually get something similar to what we see in the opening. I hope so, at least. If we can have something as ridiculous as this, I don’t think giant robots would be a stretch at all.

A slight part of me still thinks this whole Torture thing is a hoax or something similar, but in reality I highly doubt that’s the case now. The show seems far too invested in this direction for it to be fake, which leads me to wonder where this will take the show in the long run. It never took itself too seriously before, but this is just crazy. Don’t get me wrong, Samurai Flamenco is still entertaining and these weird monsters are pretty cool, although I can’t help but be disappointed by the sudden change as well. I could get onboard with this whole idea, but I’m not entirely sold yet. King Torture is an intriguing character. I want to find out much more about him and why he’s doing everything. Having Samumenco and the Flamenco Girls fighting a group of villains that are legitimately evil is good. It’s a nice step up from petty criminals, but like I said last time, it isn’t what I was really hoping for.

One positive outcome from these ridiculous monsters is how Hazama is greatly improving his skills, and thanks to Harazuka, his arsenal is also steadily improving. All of his weapons are neat and Harazuka seems determined to improve them whenever he needs to. What I like the most is how Hazama’s costume is constantly upgrading. This gives me even more hope that we’ll eventually see that awesome power suit from the opening. I love it. Perhaps that also means we’ll see some giant robots, or at least more technological enemies/villains. I’m going to keep hoping for it to happen until it does and no one can stop me. It was also really nice to see Gotou being involved in some of the action again, and perhaps Joji may join in at some point? I can’t imagine he would though, as he seems to be there for support more than anything else. Hazama’s manager might be catching onto him as well. She appears to have suspicions that Hazama is Samurai Flamenco, yet she doesn’t want to believe it either. I wonder if she’ll ever follow him or snoop around his apartment to find any evidence that links them. Speaking of Hazama and Samumenco, everything is going great for the both of them, even better than in the previous episode. However, this episode gives me the feeling that something is going to go wrong very quickly. Hazama felt bad for killing these monsters at the start of the episode, but then just didn’t seem to care towards the end of it. Something about him seemed off, and both Gotou and his girlfriend noticed it. His passion for helping and protecting others appears to have been pushed aside for his own interest in the superhero title. It’s a real shame. I always admired how passionate he was about being a hero. Tragedy of some kind must be lurking around the corner. I can feel it. I don’t want tragedy to strike Hazama, but something needs to smack some sense into him. I’m just worried about what it’ll be.

In the end, the entire episode was interesting, yet fairly disappointing. I was disappointed that it wasn’t some kind of fake and it’s going down this route, but it still has potential. I honestly don’t think anybody was expecting this to happen. If there was an indication that this was going to happen, I think it would have been far better. It’s not what I was expecting, nor is it exactly what I wanted. Of course, I’m interested to see what will happen after this, and there’s always the chance that King Torture won’t be around until the end of the series. Although, I think that most people would have preferred he didn’t show up at all. This was probably my least favourite episode so far, and I’ve enjoyed every single episode before this one, so it’s saddening to not enjoy one as much as the others.

Does Samurai Flamenco still make me feel like a big kid? Yes. Could it stand taller prouder than before? I hope so. I really wasn’t sure what to think of this show before I started watching it. I want to enjoy this show a lot, I really do. I don’t want to see it going downhill. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next episode!


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