Space Battleship Yamato 2199 review

Space Battleship Yamato 2199


Justin (1)

Almost unheard of, Space Battleship Yamato 2199 is easily one of the best shows in recent memory. At least it was for me.

A remake of the classic series from the 70’s, Yamato is a brilliantly told adventure of humanities journey across the universe. Before Earth is turned into a wasteland by the attacking alien race, Earth is suddenly given the technology to combat the Gamilas and uses it to travel across space and even time to save Earth before it’s too late.

The Yamato remake has some of the best animation I’ve seen in years. The CGI used isn’t used too much and I only found it irritating a few times(notably when they used it to animate some space monster). The space backgrounds are gorgeously designed. The character designs are all unique and interesting, excluding maybe the main character(though he did grow on me). The animation itself is some of the cleanest and most colourful I’ve ever seen. I guess that’s the kind of quality you can expect from an OVA series, though.

The changes made to this remake have been impressive. Nothing really seems forced and they added in new characters which gave new elements to the story. From large to big details, I think most of the changes that were made complimented the series well without changing the overall plot. If you can get past the skin tight suits and minor amounts of fan service, this remake is superior to the original in every way.

I guess I should get to the weakest aspect: the characters. I don’t think any of the characters are necessarily bad, but I wouldn’t say any of them stick out like some of my favourite series’. They really dropped the ball on the development of some of the characters, most notably Dessler. I don’t think this retelling captured just how complex of a villian he is, despite on paper probably being the best character in the entire show.

I think the show sacrificed this to focus on nearly every other aspect. The plot is ridiculously planned out, since apparently this took five years to plan from beginning to end. Most of the events in Yamato were foreshadowed near the beginning of the series and the twists or plot points just made complete sense to me. Yamato didn’t rely on any ridiculous twists like Valvrave or emotional turmoil like Ano Hana. Instead it did nothing but built a solid foundation and told its story, which was told beautifully from beginning to end.

I’ve tried my best to avoid spoilers and I won’t say any, but my main gripe with Yamato besides how the characters were developed was the ending. Yamato was ridiculous at times but up until this oooonnnneeee instance the last episode was done so well. Unlike Madoka’s ending, I felt like for the first time in the entire show, Yamato had ruined what they built up.

However, it didn’t ruin the show in the slightest. There’s still room for a lot more to be explored and there’s even a movie coming out early next year. All in all, this was the best show I’ve seen in recent memory.



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