Some Thoughts: Golden Time Episode 10

In the Mirror


AlexI wonder…since Ghost Banri appears to be capable of possessing regular Banri, will it amount to anything more than a quick burst? Feelings from the memories that were suddenly inherited stayed behind, but it’s still up in the air if his memories actually returned.

It’s to be expected that Banri is incredibly unstable the morning afterwards, and Kaga’s strange behavior appears to be explained, too…she found the photo of old Banri and Linda together. So through Banri annoying the daylight out of Nana with the fever caused, things end up with Linda looking after a dazed version of Banri.

I mean, Banri should have told her why he went to the hospital and what caused everything from the start, but it is interesting that Kaga didn’t rush over to him, and when she did, she had the trademark rose bouquet and quite a temper…and quite a large misunderstanding onboard. Though just adding to the interest, Koko didn’t appear to want to take care of Banri, she wanted to look good doing it…it just adds a little more confusion to the very strange relationship that the two share.

The strangest part is how she knows that she’s doing things wrong and talks about it, but…she seems to win Banri back with the promise of special evenings at the beach. More than anything, this episode really made it possible for Linda to fit into the relationships here, and suddenly made the Linda x Banri not so unbelievable. But in all honesty, this was a mediocre attempt at things from Golden Time’s position, and I don’t think it achieved what it set out to do.



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