Some Thoughts: Golden Time Episode 7



AlexA lot changed last week in both our lead characters, going on quite a roller coaster with their feelings and their actions. So…well, just what does this mean for things going forward?

Things don’t go according to plan, as something which Koko finds out for herself this time around. She never planned to let Tada actually get upset and plan to leave her, with how she carried things, and why she actually acted the way that she did. However, as stealing a bike means that her father needed to get involved, things may not appear straightforward…especially as her father things that Koko’s harmful and targets people in a strange manner.

Things aren’t straightforward for Tada and Linda, either, as the moment he arrives home he gets a text from Linda, saying that they need to talk about things. However, with Koko’s absolutely overbearing and overwhelming love and nature, with Koko’s own take on Romeo and Juliet and the strange, completely over the top manner in which she attacks things.

For my own take on things, considering how much Linda clearly wants to talk to Banri, even going to the trouble of texting him every single day, I do think that it’s wrong of Banri to ignore her in this manner. Passing every single day, getting overly carried away with Koko and planning things in Paris, and not talking to her until one of her friends, the rockstar named Nana creates a set-up.

Dealing with an amnesiac is always going to be troubling, as despite the fact that the Banri of now appears to love Koko, the Banri of old has such strong feelings for Linda, when the two of them get together and talk about the old things which happened. I do respect Linda for giving up on Tada, despite the fact that she clearly loves him based on that he doesn’t really remember her that well right now, but…well, watch this space. Amnesiac’s often regain their memories after a while, be it through certain events or just through the process of healing.


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